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Zeta Toys - ZB Kronos - Full Set of 5 Figures includes all 5 Zeta Toys figures to form the mighty Kronos! m Kronos one of the largest combiners ever stands approximately 22" / 55CM tall in combined robot mode! Set includes: Flyfire, Airstrike, Silver Arrow, Catapult, Downthrust. Each figure transforms from robot to a fighter plane and back! 4 smaller jets stand 8.3"/21CM tall in robot mode, Silver arrow stands 10"/26 CM tall in robot mode and each figure is approximately Masterpiece scaled. Each figure includes combiner parts and weapons as shown.

Set Features:
- Masterpiece Scaled Figures
- 5 Robots transform and combine together to form Kronos
- Combiner Parts and accessories.
- Individually Packaged Figures

Set Includes:
- Zeta Toys - ZB-01 Flyfire Figure
- Zeta Toys - ZB-02 Airstrike Figure
- Zeta Toys - ZB-03 Silver Arrow Figure
- Zeta Toys - ZB-04 Catapult Figure
- Zeta Toys - ZB-05 Downthrust Figure
- Combiner Parts to Form Kronos
- Individual Weapons

Note: due to oversized box, this item cannot be shipped to the following countries unless shipped by fedex/ups and there is a significant extra shipping charge: Vietnam, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hungary, Iceland, India, Israel, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Republic of, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela. Please email us for a shipping quote if you would like this item to ship outside of the US and you would like to confirm actual shipping costs.

  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)

  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case

Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
ToySourcecode: ZB-KRONOS

ZB Kronos Combiner Set of 5 Figures | Zeta Toys by Zeta

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ZB Kronos Combiner Set of 5 Figures | Zeta Toys
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Customer Reviews

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February 13, 2019


If you like Zeta version of Bruticus you're going to love Superion. He is solid, just as good as Bruticus and more flexible. Take your time with his limb,there is a video on YouTube how to assemble him. Cat wait for Predaking, yes Predaking is next.

February 28, 2019
Nick LeSage


Whoever actually put this together fudged it a bit on my flyfire. They put part of his tail stick upside down and now it won't connect at all. At this point in just hoping the didn't screw up the rest of them for anybody else

March 03, 2019

"Don’t look down"

I was pretty impressed with Zeta’s Armageddon, so I was looking forward to Kronos. There are some negatives, but overall I like them.
Pros: They look like the G1 Aerialbots, updated to Masterpiece scale. In jet mode the four limb jets are equal in size to Starscream and his Seeker brothers. The transformations are complex, but not too frustrating. The bot modes are nice. The guns are neat too.
Kronos is HUGE.
Cons: There’s a few moving parts that come off easy, but fortunately are designed to pop back in place. Downthrust’s knee panels are twitchy and difficult to keep in place. The worst example is the thumbs. They come apart very easily and are small and easy to lose. It’s cool to have the extra articulation, but at what price? At least they can pop back in place. Also, the back kibble in their bot modes is difficult to secure. They clip together, but slip around a little.

Fans Toys might do better, but it’ll cost more. And the wait...
I’m content with Zeta’s version.
Mine had a minor manufacturing defect. The toy accurate head for Kronos had some messy paint on an antenna. Counting on TFSource to amend that.

October 31, 2019
Sharky Reynolds

"The Best Superion Available.. However improvments can be made."

This was my favorite combiner team when I was a kid. All three modes of all five bots look amazing. Very pose-able, transformation isn't difficult, and it's made of good quality plastic. However, a little refinement would go a long way. The fingers tend to flop where gravity dictates, and the back of the combined form doesn't always stay together. That being said, I'm satisfied with this version. It's not perfect, but it won't take much to being it close.

January 28, 2020

"Impressive figure!"

I held off on this figure because it was so much bigger than my other combiners, UT, Hasbro Devastator and Predaking. It's not so bad and the figure looks so good. I wish it came with an animation chest plate. One plane was missing a wing out of box. TF Source sent me a wing priority shipping right away!

March 13, 2020

"For the money, this is FANTASTIC."

Sure, this isn't the heavy die-cast metal stiff jointed expensive feeling type of set you'd expect from Fanstoys or the kind of complexity and accuracy you'd expect from an official release, but these figures are really good! More fun to transform than most fanstoys or official stuff, and they look the part pretty darn well in each mode. The wings on all of them are a bit fiddly and can look a bit cumbersome in robot and combined mode, but you have the option of easily removing them for a cleaner look if you want to. Speaking of combined mode, it's so good that it is probably worth the price of admission all on its own. It looks about as good as a much more expensive high-end statue, but it is fully articulated and quite solid. The set isn't perfect, but for the price, its easily a 5 star set.

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