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Bigger is better


Nothing beats a massive combiner fighting its way through an even bigger battle. What could be better than creating a display for your collection of one of the biggest, most powerful combiners around? The mighty Bruticon from Zeta Toys is certain to bring an end to any big battle—and this gift set is a worthy conclusion to your search for the perfect combiner. Bruticon isn’t a mere single robot—he’s five robots that form into one massive combiner! 


Zeta Toys’ ZA-06 Bruticon is formed with five individual robots, all of whom you’ll receive in this set—Take Off ( ZA-01), Whirlwind (ZA-02), Blitzkrieg (ZA-03), Uproar (ZA-04) and Racket (ZA-05). Four of the figures stand approximately 8.3” tall in robot mode, while a fifth figure—the maniacal Blitzkrieg—towers above his compatriots at 10” tall in robot mode. Each of these figures is approximately masterpiece scale. Featuring a space shuttle, helicopter, tank, missile vehicle and humvee alternate modes, these robots are ready to battle on all fronts. When they combine, they form the massive Bruticon—one of the largest combiners in existence at approximately 22” tall in its robot form, also reaching masterpiece scale.


Gorgeous, inspired color schemes work hand in hand with rugged plastic construction to create a figure (or figures if you prefer individual modes) that will stand out in any collection. Add amazing articulation and engineering to the mix and you have perhaps one of the coolest combiners available today. The best part? Transforming and combining the figures together couldn't be simpler.


Bruticon comes in exclusive gift set packaging, with plenty of weapons, accessories and the parts you need to combine all of the robots together. 


Join the ranks of the elite and get your Zeta Toys ZA-06 Bruticon today only at TFSource


Please note: The Kronos figure shown in the photos is sold separately and not included. It is shown here for size scale comparison only. 

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CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Zeta Toys - ZA-06 Bruticon Set of 5 Figures by Zeta Toys

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Zeta Toys - ZA-06 Bruticon Set of 5 Figures
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Customer Reviews

Write a Review » Avg. Rating 5 5 (based on 11 reviews)
August 23, 2019

"The Best!!!!!!"

Just got mine today and I love it !!!!!!

August 28, 2019

"Very impressive"

Just received this figure and I gotta say, Zeta Toys did an outstanding job with these figures. In combined mode it’s almost as big as my fanstoys omega supreme and taller than my potp predaking and devastator. Very happy with this purchase and will most likely be getting the zeta toys Kronos.

September 02, 2019

"Amazing With Some Issues"

So, overall I love this set, but I also have some mixed feelings. There's a lot of good here--especially in the combine mode, but there's issues too.

First, the new paint on the robots look fantastic. There's a lot more life in the figures than the original Armageddon set, and the colors add a lot of vibrancy. That said, judging from from various videos I've seen of Armageddon, Bruticon suffers from some mold degradation. There's some parts of articulation and transformation that don't work so well anymore compared to videos I've watched of Armageddon. Uproar's arms have almost no tension in them and don't work well at all. Panels on Whirlwind and Racket don't quite tab or peg in as well as they should. Even tabs and pegs on Blitzkrieg seem mushy and loose. So, I think there's a trade-off here. You get much better paint and color vibrancy in exchange for some mold degradation and fiddliness.

Second, I'm assuming most people who purchase this set are getting it for the combined Bruticon figure. This is where the set shines the most. The individual robot modes are okay at best, and frustrating at worst. Takeoff is the strongest figure in the set, followed by Blitzkrieg and Racket, while Whirlwind suffers from kibble, and Uproar is just a mess. Uproar especially is poorly designed in robot mode--the tank treads being outright frustrating to deal with (fortunately you can add and remove tread parts to help clean things up). The alternate vehicle modes look pretty good, and Zeta Toys typically does a good job of giving them an air of realism. Overall, if you're looking to display these individually as a team, I would look elsewhere.

Finally, combine mode is amazing. It works so, so well. All of the individual robots really come together as a cohesive whole in combine mode, and the figure has an imposing and threatening air. It looks amazing when posed next to Kronos, and the two figures contrast extremely well. Fortunately, all of the combine mode articulation and connections are very strong and the figure overall is quite stable. There's a bit of top-heaviness to figure, so you do have to pay attention to how you're posing it, but overall it works very well. I will say that the Bruticon figure overall doesn't feel quite as refined as the Kronos figure--almost like a prototype in comparison, but that makes sense since Bruticon is the older mold.

So, in conclusion, as a combined figure, Bruticon is spectacular and will look great on your shelf--especially with other figures like Zeta Toy's Kronos. If your goal is to have such a display, you can't go wrong here. Just note that the individual pieces that make up the whole are flawed and are not as effective as the final gestalt.

September 10, 2019

"Good price for the size of the bot"

This is a simple/quick opinion of combine form as this was the purpose of my purchase.

The ratchets of the combine form is good and does its job adequately. Color plastic and the bottom of the foot piece is no longer diecast or chrome(can't remember if my friend said chrome or diecast just not shiny anymore). The color of the plastic is more in line to the cartoon as you can see from the pictures.The major improvement I see as stated on Benscollectables review is the knee locks and the shoulder tabs does not pop out or holds better when moving the arms and legs. Of course I can only speak for the one i got. All units feels as solid as it can be and looks a bit more beefy compare to zeta's Kronos in the arms and legs. I wish the head was a bit bigger given how wide his chest is. Compare to Kronos, Kronos is more stable and locking of the arms and legs make better sense than Armageddon. If you are looking for MP scale and not spend too much he is not a bad choice.

Side note:

I did run into some QC issues which was a let down. My Take Off aka Blast off was missing a spring for the ratchet in the shoulder so in robot mode his arm is being hold up by friction. Whirlblade aka Vortex have two left hand or two right I forget. And lastly I am missing a piece of the tread for Uproar aka Brawl. I thought about emailing TFS because they have always taken care of their customers but since those QC didn't effect the combine form I didn't want to bother them. Lastly if you do order just fyi TFS ship the box out as is with bubble warp so you're depending alot on the form insert from Zeta. My needed a bit more bubble warp because when it finally came the box was beat up bad and scared the crap out of me given how much this cost. So if you are worry about the figures and the box I suggest contacting TFS to work out some kind of shipping you can do to make sure nothing gets broken in transit.

October 05, 2019

"Great Bruticus!"

I’m not sure what I can add that hasn’t been said in numerous video reviews on YouTube.

The vehicle modes are good but robot modes are trash. But if you are buying this like me, it is for the combined Bruticus mode. I couldn’t be happier.

November 23, 2019
Wilbert L

"Shines in Combined Mode"

I got Bruticon after being pleased with how Constructor (green boxset) turned out.

The individual alt modes look good and have varying amounts of fine detail. Whirlwind is my favorite in alt mode.

The bot modes are hit or miss for me. While I liked the chunky design of their Constructicons, I find it less appealing on their Combaticons. The thickness of the legs or arms can seem somewhat out of proportion. I’m not sure if they could have been designed to compact more. Regardless, Blitzkrieg is my favorite in bot mode.

I had no issues transforming the figures and combining them. Combined mode is all I’m interested in. The combined mode is sturdy with great shelf presence. While there is a good amount of articulation in the legs and torso, I find hand and arm articulation are limited by kibble. I also find both the Bruticon and Armageddon heads a bit undersized given the wide and tall shoulders.

Quality wise, the plastic used feels a bit flimsier than what was used for Constructor. One of the helicopter engine pieces broke off Whirlwind because the pin was too tight for it to rotate. However, TFSource was able to procure and deliver a replacement piece to me promptly.

While I resisted the temptation to buy the individual releases in anticipation of the boxset, I find I prefer the original colors. Also, Zeta missed an opportunity to include a different chest piece and Shockwave style gun in this set.

Overall, while it has its flaws, I am pleased with Zeta's interpretation of a masterpiece-scaled Bruticus.

January 06, 2020


Like most I got this set for the combined mode and it did not disappoint. No problems or issues. The speaker gimmick in the head is also very amusing.

January 13, 2020

"Great, but some QC issues."

Overall I'm pretty happy with this set, but there are some QC issues. Granted, from what I've seen Zeta seems to have better QC than Warbotron and Unique Toys versions. Also, ultimately higher price does not guarantee absolute perfect quality, but still, some of these QC issues hurt a bit considering the 380 dollar price tag.

Almost all of the joints on my set are a bit on the loose side, but nothing is too loose to the point I can't pose them. On the other hand, many of the ratchet joints are so tight I fear that I may break something. My main issues are the stress marks near the portholes on some figures, and the stress marks made from inserting the screw caps on Blitzkrieg's forearms. The purple paint on Racket's hood is also a bit wrinkled looking at the top.

On the bright side, the paint is applied pretty well with very few minor imperfections. I personally enjoy the looks of the set in their separate robot modes, separate vehicle modes, and especially their combine mode ( I am one of the few who actually like the chunkier proportions of the individual robots). The combined mode does not disappoint: rock-solid, looks great, and towers over the rest of my collection.

The QC issues on mine are what knocked the rating down 2 stars on an otherwise good set.

March 13, 2020

"Good enough, but worst combiner from Zeta"

Some say this set is great despite the flaws because we only really buy it for combined mode, but that's sure not what I spend this much money for. Having gotten Constructor (not-Devastator) and Superitron (Not Superion) first, this set was a little disappointing. Unlike the aforementioned sets, the robot modes of the Bruticon set range from bad to pretty good at best. None are great thanks to overly chunky parts, balance issues, floppy joints, and panels folded up all over them. Uproar (not-Brawl) is particularly bad due to the frustrating mess that is his treads, floppy shoulder joints, and poor articulation. The rest however are better, even if they don't quite look like the characters they are supposed to represent. The good news is, the vehicle modes, while also missing the mark of how they should look, are really good. In fact, some of the alt modes are cooler than they ever were, and vehicle size-wise, make more sense than previous version as far as scaling with each other a little better.
And yes, Combined mode just totally nails it. It's a thing of beauty.
So unlike the other 2 combiners, you'd almost be wasting shelf space displaying these in bot mode. Something to consider if individual bot modes are important to you. I'll probably never turn them back into bots again, but everything else is good. I may not feel as good about the money spent on this set as the other 2 sets, but I don't regret buying it.
Also worth mentioning- There is some assembly required out of the box on these, including some pins and a part you have to screw in.

May 12, 2020

"Definitely worth it!!!!"

From the g1 likeness with the colors, to its massive size, incredible details. Also for people who doesn’t know the black 3m stickers that come with onslaught’s accessories are for the foot grips on Bruticus ;-)

May 24, 2020

"We are also known as BRUTICUS"

YES!! talk about an awesome set. Glad I held out on getting this full set vice individual pieces. Needed to scale up my 3P Combaticons as Zeta and TW dwarf my UT Bruticus.
Awesome coloring, individual bots look amazing and great build quality as expected from Zeta.

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