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Zeta Toys ZA-04 Uproar transforms from robot to a military grade tank and back! Figure stands 8.3"/21CM tall in robot mode and is approximately Masterpiece scaled. Includes blaster as shown. Combines with other 4 figures to form Armageddon, one of the largest combiners ever!

Price increase reflects two cost increases that Zeta Toys has forced on retailers, due to the instability of the exchange rate.

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CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Zeta Toys - ZA-04 - Uproar by Zeta

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Zeta Toys - ZA-04 - Uproar
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Customer Reviews

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February 24, 2018

"Good but not overwhelming "

Zeta is a good name for those of us on a budget not trying to spend $500 on a combiner. My only issue with this particular is the tank treads. They are a nightmare to store in bot mode.

February 28, 2018

"Brick Bad Brawl"

Great dark green color choice from Zeta toys, for their Brawl. He's an intimidating chunk of a tank! Transforming this fella is a delight. Just the right amount of complexity, to keep it intriguing. Many complaints on the tracks, but I have no problem getting the excess track when in robot mode, inside his legs.......but......I can understand why some would get annoyed, because it does get in the way, and fall apart sometimes, during transformation. When I convert to tank mode, I feed the track through, (with the track wheels still folded) by holding the tank up vertically with one hand, and one end of the track held between thumb and forefinger in the other hand, lowering the other end of the open tread track between the fender and track wheels. Once it's fed about halfway through, I use a flathead end of a small precision screwdriver, to snag the end of the track, pulling it the rest of the way through the other side. And then I clasp it back together, after unfolding the other track wheels into place.$ 1/2 stars for me.....half a star off, for leg/tracks being a slight hindrance, which causes leg posing to be limited. Tank mode looks very good. Good job, Zeta!

March 14, 2018

"Good product"

Figure has good articulation and looks great, but most importantly it has a sturdy feel for combined mode

March 16, 2018
Sugar Shane

"I'm In an Uproar for this Brawl"

This guy follows true for Zeta's whole line. Not a very pretty, let alone G1 animation accurate Brawl. But who cares when you get a tank mode that makes others think I build models and is so solid in leg mode I think he might be classified as a blunt object in a house assault.

That being said yes, we ALL HATE the tank treads. But you know what? removing the links works like a charm for both robot and leg mode. So let's all just bite that bullet and deal with it.

April 12, 2018

"Pretty great "

I really like this figure and can’t wait for the rest!

June 14, 2018

"Don’t tread on me"

Uproar/Brawl looks great. He transforms nicely, nothing too awkward. There’s a couple of problems.
Had trouble finding a good spot to put his Decepticon emblem in robot mode. 3rd party companies should know we want this.
Can’t move the tank cannon up and down. This should have been an obvious option.
Now for the BIG problem. The tread linkage is a cool idea poorly executed. They are very frustrating and it’s an unnecessary gimmick. They are next to impossible to store in robot mode. The inner half of the wheels should have been on a joint to allow for access to store the treads. I spent way too much time working with this.
Two great pluses with Uproar are the size and the price. He’s cheap for a Masterpiece scale figure, and the Zeta Toys Combaticons are HUGE. Armageddon is gonna be a monster. I recommend it. The treads are a pain, but I think the positive outweighs that.

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