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X-Transbots MX- 12A Gravestone features an all new metallic paint scheme and stands 26CM/10.24" tall in robot mode and is MP scaled! Transform from a Kenworth 1976 K-100 truck to robot and back. This is the last component to X-Transbots Monolith, which is their take on the G1 Menasor!


Gravestone looks fairly cartoon-accurate while taking some changes on the body, and we believe this could be due to the combiner mode. Gravestone is a bit taller than MP-10 Optimus Prime and other X-Transbots Stunticons.

Gravestone features include a blaster-gun, one replacement face, bio card, rubber tires, clear car window, ratchet joints, metallic paint accents on the truck and robot.


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CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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X-Transbots MX-12A Gravestone by Xtransbots

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January 12, 2020

"Not the final part"

NOTE: This is not the final piece to combine, the trailer that comes out later will be the framework for combiner mode.

January 12, 2020


I was a little worried. I was 3 bots in when I saw the initial pictures of XTB Motormaster. The team so far was so perfectly singing notes of their animated counterparts I had to go with them. Then the competition put their Motormasters out. XTB did very well in the end. I heard they changed him a little there in the process and I am very happy with him. His back is a little weird, but I am nitpicking. Overall he looks great. Both modes are instantly recognizable and I really like how they handled the head articulation. Motormaster is huge. He towers over everyone else. His ability to look down without breaking sculpt might sound like a little thing, but it is not for my display. Can't wait to see the team combined.

Engineering is great. He feels solid in both modes. Getting between them is a little bit of a hassle, but more intuitive than alot of XTB bots I have come across. Knowing where to start is usually the hardest part and Gravestone delivers there. Once you know his tricks, he is only a floppy mess for a few steps.

Accessories are perfect. Gun, sword, and face. The trailer is the only missing part XD

January 14, 2020

"Beautiful job from Xtransbots! "

I'm IN on fanstoys stunticons AND Xtransbots stunticons and when in side by side comparison next to my fanstoys roadking- gravestone holds his own!

I am impressed! In robot mode Gravestone is about a 1/2" shorter than roadking and a little leaner. The build and proportions are excellent, transformation is comfortable, and his paints, colors, and diecast parts are spot on. With 2 almost identical looking Motormasters it feels like the G1 Masquerade episode!

Love the articulated hands and fingers/ finger spread and head /sculpt looks great! Also he can carry his cyclone gun and sword(which is huge!) on his back when not in use. Articulation is perfect!

Truck mode is VERY realistic looking, set with ALOT of details. You can hook up to mp10's trailer (not sure what application that'd be for?) and looks awesome in a side by side "king of the road " comparison with Prime!
I ALWAYS loved Motormaster's black, silver, & purple tinted windows & sleeper cab color scheme... Xtransbots, IN MY OPINION, did a fantastic job! I am very pleased with Gravestone and the rest of the crew- looks like they jumped off the G1 cartoon!

Very pleased with all but one thing- hurry up with that trailer now! We all need our G1 Menasor! And I hope he's as big or close to the height of toyworld Constructor, zeta toys Bruticus and Superion!

Highly recommend!

January 18, 2020
George Blue

"Motor Master Masterpiece"

X-Transbots has officially won the Stunticons war with Gravestone leading the charge. His design flawless and transformation very fun but not complicated. This figure feels so solid in hand that words do it no justice. Kudos to X-Transbots and their awesome engineers too. If you want the best bang for your buck; then I highly recommend this set.

January 29, 2020

"Great from top to bottom, minus some QC issues"

A beautiful figure with great articulation, colors and features. Visually, I have no complaints. Structurally, however...

First, the paint chipped off of a clip on the side of the cab in the first transformation. I'd touch it up, but I'm pretty sure that it would just chip again. It's only noticeable in vehicular mode, so it's not a big deal, considering that I display it in robot mode.

Second, the pin hole for the joint that allows one of the gas tanks to fold into the leg was drilled in the wrong place. I had to break out my tools and make a new one myself. I'm reasonably handy, so it was an easy fix, although I'm worried about the integrity of the plastic.

It would have been an easy 5 stars, if not for those issues. Sorry, XTB. I love you guys, but I've got to be honest.

February 02, 2020
Adam Lazo

"This is Motor Master"

I have not written a review in a LONG time but i felt this one is warranted. I had bought into the xtransbots menasor because of wildrider. I had some regrets after being 3 figures deep and I saw Gravestone final images. It felt like the thighs were to skinny waist too long and feet too hollow.
I am very shocked after begrudgingly ordering the last stunticon to find out in person none of that is the same. This figure is amazingly impressive in person and I now flipped my opinion on the fantoys version. Xtransbots does a great job of pulling in the animation ques and generally proportions reflect that as well. The head sculpt is just dead on the figure overall is solid.
Additionally I love Transforming this figure it is a great intuitive transformation that does some small trickery but everything makes sense. The only thing I wish was that the other stunticons were a bit taller but the good news is he is shorter than the fantoys version by alot.

The trailer ........ I never really felt it had to be a part of the figure as it really only ever made sense in the g1 toy. I was on the fence due to some design choices by xtransbots with that but I am going to assume they will surpass my expectations again. This figure makes to much sense and is intriguing to see what a completed xtransbots menasor looks like.

If you passed on the other stunticons I would not pass on this . The pictures do it no justice.

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