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This mini-figure set is to add to your WB03 Warbotron combiner set.

Note: Kit comes on sprues and assembly is required. Warbotron combiner figures shown sold separately.

  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Warbotron - WB03-F Master by Warbotron

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Warbotron - WB03-F Master
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Customer Reviews

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February 07, 2016

"Buy something else"

Big disappointment, the joints on the elbows are so loose that the forearms just dangle freely. The pvc quality is that of a self assembly gundam, even the hasbro deluxe figures are better quality.

I strongly recommend buying something else besides this. Not worth the 30 dollars.

February 14, 2016

"Decent toy, horrible delivery "

Overall a nice figure, but Warbotron failed to learn from the mistakes with X-Ray. The instructions are missing steps, fail to tell you where to place the different size screws and some of the pieces need to be trimmed to possibly prevent damage.

Issues future builders should be aware of:

1) The fists are tight, especially the right fist. Used a drill bit to shave off the inside of the fist holes to make sure they can even rotate. If you don't tweak this part and you might not be able to open the first without damaging the peg.

2) At least two of the small screws go in the tail where the red piece connects to the end of the tail. Use the other screws and they will "fit", but they will potentially go through the other side of the plastic. (Not sure if the other small screws are used anywhere, I had leftover big and small screws)

3) The waist piece is *very* tight, shaving off the inside of the holes to widen them again will help and in this instance you can always put a bit of super glue if you overdo it. If they can't close taking them apart is difficult and can cause damage.

4) The instructions flat out neglect to tell you how to put together the dino torso, but with the only 6 pieces left it isn't that hard to figure out, just shows the lack of care that this step is missing.

The lack of polish as a model kit is what drags down my rating. These are basic issues that they would have discovered if they had put the kit down in front of anyone and asked them to built it. If you see this review with the issue list before putting it together you will have a much more enjoyable time than I did and could rate it higher.

I like the end toy my only real complaint is that you can’t swivel the head in dino mode.

February 17, 2016

"Quality figure if you put the effort into it."

Lot of work to install, and with nerve damage in my hand, it wasn't the easiest... But it was satisfying to finish. Very floppy unless you tighten the screws to their absolute tightest, then it feels like an official release... even the elbows. Only major complaint is that paint will not stick to the plastic well, even with priming and light texturing. Anywhoo, definitely worth the $30 compared to the $15 at TRU for a legends figure that is 4 pieces of plastic. This is built more like a small voyager.

February 18, 2016


A little disappointed in this.

I found the instructions on assembly of the legs/tail very confusing plus there was no information on which screws go where, which in case of the legs needs to be very specific else the transformation won't work.

I found I had to over tighten the screws that hold the forearms together so that the elbows don't flop about.

Also one of my tail pieces broke on the second transformation.

April 06, 2016
Tim Raw

"Good Grimlock, bad model kit."

After all the trouble "icefox" mentioned, you will have a decent G1 looking Grimlock in small Deluxe size. It is standing half head lower than classic and recent Deluxe. It will be good size for your future Warbotron or CW Computron and other legend figures, because it is taller than Prime. It is something you don't have from Hasbro. However, for a model kit, there are problem for almost every single part and some flat surface made curves. Comparing to Gundam kit, it is like the vintage kit before Keep in mind, Gundam kit is always more complex and detail to Transformers toys. For the price, they should have been a completed toy with paint job. The plastic doesn't show a bit of silver like the photo.
Bottom line, If you are willing to deal with the trouble of this kit and custom paint it. It will worth the price AFTER you completed it. And, I do like it.

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