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Allen transforms from robot to helicopter, to futuristic car to robot and back! Figure stands 22cm/8.7" tall in robot mode, approximately MP scale. This triple changer has battle swords that dispatch from his helicopter blades and a blaster to do battle with.

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Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Unique Toys - Y-04 - Allen by Unique Toys

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Unique Toys - Y-04 - Allen
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Customer Reviews

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November 09, 2016

"FansToys has there work cut out!"

What can I say but this guy is anyone who has collected 3rd party transformers knows there are small "hickups" with every model..I will get into his later but first
ROBOT MODE: heavy, solid, and has ratchets in the shoulders arms, and knees...the colors are just like g1 cartoon; nice tight articulation because this guy is heavy; paint application is wonderful
CAR MODE: just like cartoon! a butt load of tabs but the transformation is exciting and very involved(I recommend the video for 1st transformation). rubber wheels..lots of twists and turns in the legs so be prepared!
HELICOPTOR MODE: again just like G1 cartoon; you will LOVE how it transforms from car to chopper! car to chopper is a lot less confusing than trying from robot to chopper. It modes do not take long to figure out because if you get something wrong it will not tab in!
OVERALL: due to the flap on the helicopter fin you will have to use a tool to flip it out if you decide to fold it in(yes its that tight) me personally I leave it unfolded! Also I cannot get the extended side stablizers to connect in chopper mode BUT It pegs in at the feet just fine(self correcting). We all know Springer does not have yellow feet but hey it looks good in robot mode and very necessary in the alt. modes! the gun and sword can be added in all modes and it is a hell of a lot of fun to transform; if you cant stand the feet just wait for FansToys version; me .....I'm getting BOTH

January 19, 2017


There are some problems. On mine, I had to mess about with nail polish, tightening a few pegs here and there. Some of the screws in the chest area arrived stripped. :O Plus, obviously, some people are going to be put off by his sheer size and bulk. (And there are valid complaints about his face) Allen feels like he's meant to stand alongside your Godzilla and Hulk figures..

On the other hand, if you are like me, and you enjoy swinging big, solid chunks of plastic around and snugging them satisfyingly into place, ohhhhh my goodness does Allan deliver. His car mode is lovely, but the copter feels like the main event, and sweet jimminy, it's as big as a Supreme Class. There are things that happen with the transformation of the legs that are astonishing. And so many thoughtful little touches, like extra pegs for stability, or two pegs in particular that fold away purely so the tail rotor will look smoother. Allen is everything I liked about Sworder, but his grabbable size and lowered complexity makes him strike a better balance for people who don't like their transformations to take all evening.

One look at the photos will tell you if you're allright with his aesthetic. This was definitely designed more for transformational enjoyment than to be a shelf piece. This is dense, DENSE plastic. He feels as heavy as a cinder block. And I LOVE that.

March 15, 2017

"Unique Toys Allen "

I absolutely love this figure. High quality plastic, three great modes that are toon accurate, and it's solid as a rock! Highly recommended

April 29, 2017

"Super solid"

Super solid figure with a fun transformation to all three modes. Stands well and has quite a bit of heft to him, highly recommended!

July 09, 2018

"My choice for Springer"

The color scheme may be off, but the design of the bot mode and alt modes are the closest to what Springer is to me. The size of the figure was a complaint but I think it's right where it should be. I'm glad I bought this. way back when it was first released. I couldn't let this guy get away. Great figure!

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