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Figure stands 22CM/8.7" tall and transforms from robot to space age vehicle and back! Includes mini-warrior and gun which merge together to form one large cannon for runman! Note: Figure features a translucent blue windshield as seen in the main image, this figure does not come with the white windshield.

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CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Unique Toys - Y-02 - Runman by Unique Toys

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Unique Toys - Y-02 - Runman
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Unique Toys - Y-02 - Runman

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Customer Reviews

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January 29, 2016
Chris J


This is by far the best figure unique toys has produced far superior than their Octane and even Mania king in terms of build quality and articulation. He has no diecast but the plastic is so robust and thick that hes got a lot of heft to him. The robot is scary accurate to the cartoon model and so is the vehicle! And hes tall! Dwarfs an MP car, they stand at about his waist. Transformation is a little finger painful and joints and hinges are a little tight but since I got him this morning ive went thru it a dozen times and it just got easier and easier. The head sculpt is gorgeous such a beautiful face. his pant is flawless. The dark blue, white and silver have that metal flake finish that mania king's purple has and it just pops beautifully. He poses like a dream, can stand on one leg, pull off a running pose, a sniping pose and of course duel hand eiher weapon easily. The flaps on his forearms though G1 toy accurate do look odd in some poses but I love that they are spring loaded, so they move in tandem with his elbow nicely. His little target master is same size as Universe Night stick so hes tiny, limited with articulation but what he can do is really impressive given his size. He holds both guns nicely and I love you can combine the rifle and target master to make a longer more imposing rifle. It is a little loose in his hands, But hes not dropping eiher weapon because his hands are so darn tight, which is a great thing. Over all I love this purchase and it amazes me that hes so affordable. SXS Over clocking which I loved don't get me wrong was the same price when I bought it and well it goes up to his waist lol so you really get more bang for your buck and a very welcome addition to the Autobot masterpiece lineup. Now if someone will give us Springer and Kup(arcee too but im not pushing it) we will have a fantastic MP line Up

January 31, 2016

"Great quality figure"

There have been a few complaints about the scale of this figure saying he should be a bit smaller but besides that He's a great figure. He's built like an MP and can stand up with them easily. The plastic on the figure was sturdy but had me a bit scared during the first transformation. i also received one where the figure had a defect right out of the box but TF Source is taking care of that (thanks guys). I simply liked the figure right out of the box. It's clean, has a huge range of motion, able to do all of the popular poses, and has strong joints (ratchet joints for the arms and legs). I waited quite a while for this figure and for those who liked Rodimus Prime and his crew, this figure looks great with them. I gave it 4 stars due to the scale and because of receiving a defective one after waiting 4 months for the figure due to delays. All in all he's a quality figure and I'll be pleased once I have my corrected version.

February 10, 2016


There is not much I can add to the other reviews, but I will corroborate them. This is absolutely a gorgeous figure--satisfying transformation, beautiful detailing, and FUN. I have been waiting for a figure like this for a long time and this delivers. If you are able to pick one up, do not hesitate.

February 11, 2016

"Blurr, faster than a speeding bullet! "

DX9 nailed this figure. If he was in scale with the autobot cars that would be amazing.This figure is excellent. He is very sturdy and the plastic quality feels great. I highly recommend.

February 22, 2016

"1st place goes too Unique Toys, Runman!"

This toy captures so much of what was cool about the character it's based on. It's a super fun figure I find myself picking back up repeatedly to play with. Great quality, fun transformation, and the look is darn near perfect. Highly recommended!

March 15, 2017

"Unique Toys Runman/Buzzing "

Another high quality product from Unique Toys. Superb quality and very accurate to the source material. The target master is not a good size for MP however

April 29, 2017

"Buy it, he's well done."

Some people day he's big but I say he's the best blurr out there. My only wish is that he had more die cast like fans toys but done get me wrong he's not light or cheaply made. This is a must have for masterpiece collectors. Happy to see got there hands on more stock.collectors will be happy and it will go fast.

January 01, 2018

"Blurrrrr yes Rodimus"

I finally got this guy to go with my 1986 movie brothers and sister mp collection. He and ft-koot was perfect in color but when i took him out of the box to check him notice his chest was a clear blue. All the videos i see of him had him with a colored chest to match his body. That clear blue chest was a sore eye for me put him back in his box and in the closet. I may put him in the display cabinet with the others one day.For i have to get over that clear blue chest of his.He is a solid figure and i do love it and it's built very good.Hope no one else got that clear blue chest like i did . Good buy if you like the 1986 movie figures, don't miss out on him.That's the only oc problem i had with him.So i give him 4 stars instead of 5 for that.Springer and Arcee your next.

February 11, 2018

"Magnifique Unique!"

Beyond just being G1 accurate. Unique Toys put some love and care into Blurr. Transformation is so enjoyable. The robot mode is sleek and clean. Unique Toys' Blurr looks serious, and dangerous, as opposed to his cartoon personality. WELL DONE!

April 17, 2020

"A Worthy Purchase"

Very good toy pick one up you wont be disappointed.

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