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Product Details

Note: Set includes all 5 figures, the trading cards and paperwork but no packaging. Each figure will be individually wrapped to prevent any damage in shipping

War Lord is the combiner of 5 individual figures, and is to scale with Hercules or similarly sized 3rd party combiners.

Included in this set is the following figures:
- UT-W01 War Hawk (Note: No card/instructions inluded for war hawk)
- UT-W02 War Rhino
- UT-W03 War Bison
- UT-W04 War Panther
- UT-W05 War Leo Sharp Claw

Note: CAUTION Product has sharp points and can easily cause bodily injury or harm. Not for Children under 17 years of age.

  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • 5 Individually Packaged Figures
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
ToySourcecode: UTWARLORD-L/54C

Unique Toys - War Lord - Full Set of 5 Figures - Loose Figure Set by Unique Toys

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Unique Toys - War Lord - Full Set of 5 Figures - Loose Figure Set
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Unique Toys - War Lord - Full Set of 5 Figures - Loose Figure Set

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Customer Reviews

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August 30, 2014


if you are looking for an affordable G1 predaking than this is the one for you! The joints are very tight; the transformations are easy and the figure holds itself well in combined mode. if it cost too much to get all 5 than get them one at a time like i did; its worth it; the wings for predaking are just outstanding and the come with extra fold out blades at the ends for further articulating; be careful because they are sharp. the plastic feels like its a little bit less quality than hasbro but its good quality plastic; the figure will not break! his sword is long as hell with great detail. UT out did themselves on this model

November 01, 2014
Michael Vento


My first purchase from UT not bad.Each fig has nice size plastic feels ok in some areas.Transformation of these figs were pretty easy everything lined rt up and clicked rt in,but after transforming from robot to beast mode legs and arms started getting loose especially razorclaws legs which puts me to combining them together.No complaints on locking them together very tight looks amazing as predaking difficult to stand up due to loose legs from razorclaw so posing him is limited.Ill leave him combined though due to next transformation he may need to lean on things to stand or use his sword as a cane.Overall Im pretty happy I bought this set.Will def buy other predaking sets from other companies

September 17, 2015
Herbie Fairlie

"too right just wrong"

I got the loose figure set and they look awesome. But I cannot combine them as I only received two right hands and two right feet ..... bittersweet taste in your mouth

October 01, 2015

"Great finally got it. BUT"

This is my first 3rd party transformer figure and even with the heavily discounted price I sort of regret buying it. But in saying that, I love Predacons, and TFC's Project Ares was way over priced. So I went for the loose set.

GOOD Parts: Its a much nicer version of the Takara/Hasbro figure.

BAD Parts: incomplete instructions, very low quality plastic... 'china plastic' even though everything comes from there. the joints are either too loose or extremely tight and you'd worry about snapping it. plugging the legs were very easy but the arms, OMG you wonder if your gonna break your arm or the toy.

I have bought other add on parts from other 3rd party company and it was good quality, now unique toys have release Ordin, but its still expensive and with Warlord quality, I wonder.

Not being too fussy but if you pay over $300 for a plastic unofficial item you'd expect much much better quality. Other company like Maketoys aren't too bad. But you'd begin to wonder is it really worth spending that amount of money?

October 02, 2015
Sid Sigma

"Classic generation perfect"

If you collect generations/classic scaled figures this is for you, but you should know that warlord has flaws his hips are loss and the sword is too big for him also if you display him in predacon mode you will have parts left over.

November 18, 2015

"Best TF but.."

Hard used,and shipped with 2 right hands!

August 07, 2018

"Varying levels of quality"

Among the 3 existing representations, Unique Toys' War Lord is often passed over for MMC's Feral Rex or TFC's Ares. While there are legitimate reasons for this, the figure is still able to stand up on its own, and in some cases can be considered preferable to the other two options.

Please check the individual figures for my reviews of them as standalone purchases. This review is strictly for the figure's combined mode.

War Lord's height is considerably better in scale with Hasbro's official Combiner Wars and Power of the Primes Combiners, compared to the much larger sizes of Feral Rex and Ares. If you collect CHUG figures, this would be your best option scale-wise. What's important to note however is that the figure is not self-contained combination-wise, and has a lot of leftover parts when not combined.

Articulation-wise, War Lord has a fair amount. The combined mode features strong neck, shoulder, wing, elbow, wrist, skirt, hip, knee and ankle articulation along with multi-jointed fingers, but lacks a waist swivel. Unfortunately, War Leo's loose hips and knees cause a large amount of instability with the combined mode due to its weight, which ends up being very top and back-heavy. While posing the combined mode properly will render this a non-issue, some modification will be necessary to have a more secure figure.

Lastly, combining the figure has some issue. the arm sockets are EXTREMELY tight, and will require a great deal of force to attach or remove the arms without any modification. Removing War Lord's wings can prove very difficult, and must be done carefully. Other than that, combining and seperating War Lord is fairly straight forward.

Overall, War Lord is good for people looking for a CHUG-oriented representation of the design, but individually the figures are all over the place and in combined mode it could have been a great deal better. If these are too much for your consideration, then Feral Rex or Ares may be considered better purchases, otherwise I can still recommend War Lord.

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