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This great set of 3 Sharky figures by Unique toys features 3 sharky figures, each with a different head sculpt on the robot mode. Form your sharky army today! Each figure stands approximately 11CM, 4.5" tall in robot mode.

Note: Picture is of an unpainted prototype and concept picture, actual product may vary and will be fully colored.

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Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Unique Toys - G02 - Sharky - Set of 3 by Unique Toys

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Unique Toys - G02 - Sharky - Set of 3
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Unique Toys - G02 - Sharky - Set of 3

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Customer Reviews

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January 04, 2014
Gamorrean Jedi

"Great value for a great toy"

These little guys are a perfect representation of the classic G1 movie Sharkticons. A great size, just a bit smaller than a deluxe figure and it looks perfect in robot and alt mode. As a set of three its great because more likely than not your going to want more than one.

July 23, 2014

"The best value in the 3rd party market!"

First off, without a doubt, these guys are the best value in the pricey 3rd party transforming toy market. For approximately $90, you get 3 incredible representations of the 'Sharkticons'. At an average of $30 a pop, you simply can't beat the value of what you are getting for the money.

These guys are instantly recognizable and are truly the best of any 'Sharkticon' toys we have ever got, including both G1 and the offering from iGear. They feature the closest likeness to the characters that appeared in the G1 animated movie to date. Very very nice.

Plastics are light, but feel good. I have no concerns regarding the durability of these figures. As far as colors, these guys truly POP. The variation in the shade of purple between the 'leader' and his 'drones' is a much appreciated touch, that along with uniquely sculpted heads, adds a nice character to each figure.

The figures are small standing at approximately 4.5" in robot mode. While this can look awkward paired with Masterpiece toys in certain situations, they will pair quite well with your Classics collection. In shark form they fit wonderfully in scale with with Classics or Masterpiece figures in my opinion. These guys are currently in shark mode fighting off both MP Grimlock and Fans Toys Scoria in their dino modes and look FANTASTIC!

Transformation is simple, yet satisfying while remaining frustration free. Just overall very fun toys.

My only nitpicks or complaints with these guys would be their head 'antennae' in shark mode are poorly attached to the body. They simply will not stay put with moderate handling. Should you try to articulate them, they have they tendency to fall out. Very annoying oversight, but one that can be easily remedied with some glue. Certainly nothing that would cause me to pull my recommendation for these figures. Aside from that minor issue, I really would have liked to have seen some articulation in the figures tail/weapon. As is it's nothing but a solid chunk of plastic. Certainly would have added much to an already nice set of figures.

Overall I'm very excited about these guys. They aren't perfect, but very few toys are. These guys are my first purchase of any product from Unique Toys and I'm very impressed with what they have done here. For me, nothing out there pulls off the look and feel of those G1 Sharkticons as the Unique Toys Sharky set and I highly recommend them.

*The best representation of G1 Sharkticons available.
*Individual head sculpts and color variations add character and make these figures POP.
*Scale nicely with Classics figures in robot mode and with both Masterpiece figures and Classics figures in shark mode.
*Undisputed value king when you break down the average cost to $30 a figure.

*loose antennae need attention
*would have liked to have seen articulation in the figures mace/tail accessory
*I want another set to add to my army of 'Sharkticons'! ARGH!!!


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