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Unique Toys - UT - R-02 - Challenger transforms from robot to big rig truck and back! Figure has attachable shield and sword as shown. Figure stands 22cm/8.7" tall in robot mode, approximately MP scale.

Set includes preorder bonus weapons pack that includes staff, dagger and wand.

  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
ToySourcecode: UTR02ND-CHALL

Unique Toys - UT - R-02 Challenger 2nd Release by Unique Toys

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Customer Reviews

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October 10, 2018


This figure is everything el cid should of been and more. This figure goes as far as giveing you a entire new 2nd head for if you want a nemesis prime or just regular prime with the other head with apropriate colored light up eyes for each head. Oh yah and a non faceplate option for each of the two heads. Great range of movement to and holds together unlike el cid who falls apart litteraly and breaks out in hairline breaks.

October 16, 2018

"Another Winner"

Would've given it 5 stars except mine showed up without a rubber tire. They need to sharpen up the QC. Also, I wish the hands were better. Maybe PE or someone will fix them. However, this guy looks stunning. He stands out on the shelf and gets a ton of attention and compliments.

October 17, 2018

"Almost perfect..."

Awesome figure, with a really impressive transformation. Only letdown was the lack of care on the paint job (e.g. blue bleeding through the red on some spots).

October 17, 2018
Lord Vore

"Oh wow. "

This has to be the ultimate transformer. It near perfectly matches the movie robot and alt modes and does so without kibble! The pieces over his shoulders aren't from the vehicle mode, they're just there for accuracy! He's got ankle tilt, waist swivel, posable hands, light up eyes (although no idea what battery it needs). He looks stunning in both modes. The only things I can see that aren't prefect, that grey hinge should be blue or red if not painted in vehicle mode. The decals on mine for the flames on one side aren't quite lined up perfectly (you wouldn't notice at first). A part of the roof sticks up ever so slightly and one wheel has limited clearance for rotation. None of these things really matter because I can't get over how amazing this design is. The poses it can do and the accuracy are mind blowing. Nice amount of chrome, could be more but let's be honest Hasbro wouldn't have given us this much.

October 19, 2018

"Best optimus figure I've seen "

Soon as I saw a video review of this I knew I had to have it. The figure is awsome. Highly detailed and beautiful to look at. Will bring out the kid in every grown up

October 20, 2018

"Best movie prime this far"

Was nervous getting this one with how much anticipation I had going in, happy to say all worries have been voided. This figure is incredible, truck mode is solid & looks good & robot mode is outstanding, no kibble whatsoever other than parts to achieve total movie accuracy. All in all excellent piece, well worth a pick up

October 23, 2018


It was packaged very well but it didnt save the box from a dent in the bottomgood figure though!

October 25, 2018

"Work of Art"

After decades of collecting transformers, I was somewhat skeptical of ordering a "TLK" Optimus. The main stream toys were pretty rough, and the first 3rd Party was riddled with product quality issues. However, this is easily in my top five of all transformers, EVER. It has articulation, it has accessories, rubber tires, just about everything you're looking for. Here's the difference. This unit, much like "Peru Kill" Lockdown, is a damn work of art. The transformation sequence is more like a dance than following an instruction booklet. Freaking amazing.

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