Transformers Masterpiece MP-29+ Shockwave

Remastered in G1 toy color greatness including his pink hand and cannon attachment. Preorder yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

Fans Toys Grinder & Sever Preorders Up!

Don't miss out on two of the most popular Fans Toys releases ever, lock in your preorder at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

MP-42 Cordon Preorder Announced!

Sunstreaker Re-imagined! Remade from his diaclone roots, includes a police-style redeco including a toy inspired head as well as a silver arm cannon that attaches over the wrist much like the look of the original Diaclone toy he is inspired by! Preorder yours at TFSource today! Preorder

MMC's R-31 & Ater Beta & R-32 Stray Now Instock!

Featuring an arsenal of weaponry, these futuristic cars of light and dark stand ready for battle! Order yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

MakeToys new Masterpiece Scaled Jets Up for Preorder!

Now available along with their brother Meteor, lock in your preorder at TFsource today! SHOP NOW

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Iron Factory's War Giant Combiner Set Instock!!

All 3 sets of legends scaled War Giant by Iron Factory are now instock. Order yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

FT-20 Terminus Giganticus Set Instock!

This highly anticipated reissue from Fans Toys includes both Set A & B in one box, no waiting needed! Order yours from TFsource today! SHOP NOW

Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron Restocked!

The most popular masterpiece figure ever released is now back instock! Order yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker Now Instock!

The long awaited duo arrives! Sunstreaker finally receives Masterpiece glory as well as his brother in arms Sideswipe will see a new reissue with MP-12+. Both instock, order yours at TFSource Today! SHOP NOW

Masterpiece MP-41 Dinobot - Beast Wars Preorder Up!

The most ambitious masterpiece figure to date, features two LED light colors in his eye beam, alternate face plates, display base and much more: Preorder yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

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