Tons of new Iron Factory Preorders up!

Iron Factory has been busy, with tons of new products revealed for 2019. Preorder yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

At long last Iron Factory's Spirit of DEC fully revealed!

Iron Factory's most impressive combiner to date is scheduled to release soon. Preorder yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

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Christmas is almost here! Refer to this calendar as a general guideline of when orders need to be placed to arrive before Christmas. Be sure to refer to the specific deadlines for each shipping method during checkout. Don't Miss Out

Jerry's Stocking Stuffer Surprise!

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The long awaited MP-44 Convoy Optimus Prime 3.0 Now up for Preorder!

Masterpiece Optimus Prime remastered! MP-44 Convoy 3.0 features Optimus as he appeared on the original G1 cartoon / anime. Preorder yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Now up for Preorder!!

The latest line from Hasbro features many G1 favorites including Deluxe, Micromaster, Voyager, Battlemaster and Leader Class Figures! Order yours at TFSource Today! SHOP NOW

Make Toys Striker Manus Premium Preorder Up!

This limited edition metallic paint version of Striker Manus is now up for preorder! One of the best and first figures in the Cross Dimension series remastered: Preorder yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

FT-39 Jabber Now Up for Preorder!

Jabber transforms from futuristic race car to robot and back and is MP scaled! Preorder yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

Preorder Maketoys Buster Stealthwing Today!

This long awaited figure in the cross-dimension series combines with Striker Manus! Preorder your buster stealthwing at TFSource Today! SHOP NOW

Masterpiece Megatron - Beast Wars Preorder up!

One of the largest and most impressive Masterpiece figures yet transforms from a T-Rex into the mighty Megatron. Includes an arsenal of weaponry, preorder yours at TFSource today! SHOP NOW

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