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TW-C07 Constructor is the mighty construction combiner that stands 20"/50CM tall when combined! Includes G1 style face and purple mixer barrel, all in one giftset packaging! This giftset includes all 6 figures. Robots feature moving tank tracks, rubber tires, LED lights, and weapons that fire.

Set Includes:
- 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C01 Bulldozer
- 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C02 Unearth
- 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C03 Burden
- 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C04 Allocater
- 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C05 Shovel
- 1 x ToyWorld - Constructor - TW-C06 Concrete
The Set includes the following as 'stock':
- Green Thighs
- Purple Mixer Barrel
- G1 Style Head
- "Burden" Abdomen Filler Accessory

Note: Additional photos of the original version of Constructor provided as comparison, final pictures are to come from Toyworld. Item comes MIB (Mint In Box), as it does not come sealed from the manufacturer.

Note: due to oversized box, this item cannot be shipped to the following countries unless shipped by fedex/ups and there is a significant extra shipping charge: Vietnam, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hungary, Iceland, India, Israel, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Republic of, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela. Please email us for a shipping quote if you would like this item to ship outside of the US and you would like to confirm actual shipping costs.

  • MIB (Mint in Box)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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ToyWorld - TW-C07 - Constructor - Full Set of 6 Figures by ToyWorld

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ToyWorld - TW-C07 - Constructor - Full Set of 6 Figures
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Customer Reviews

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June 03, 2017
Chris Manahan

"Masterpiece grade plus more!"

I got my constructor set in today an man oh man my high expectations on this guy were met and then some. It comes in a very sturdy, eye appealing box and the instruction book is like holding and reading a comic book very nice thick paper. The best thing is you get the g1 head, the purple mix barrel(already installed), the green thigh add on(already installed), and also burden's upgrade add on with the kit. I can't wait to get fanstoys not omega supreme to go a couple of rounds with this masterpiece grade titan.

June 16, 2017

"Thee best combiner built, true masterpice"

I think toy world created the frist true to the masterpice scale.their is no other combiner that looks and functions like this guy Thy knocked this one out the box in my opinion and set the bar really high. I think other company's are taking along hard look at this one.he's my favorite for 2017 I think he's worth the $468( TFSOURCE) the best shipping over $150 the only place to go

June 21, 2017

"The benchmark for any and all combiners."

Devastator was kinda the litmus test of being a spoiled brat in the 80's. If your parents had graced you with the 6 individual robots you were most likely a snot like me.

As you may recall, the old toys fit together into sort of a shambling and rickety mess of a giant humanoid bot, so, uh, hulking mega robot destroyer-of-worlds fantasy kinda dashed right there. Enter the 3rd party custom "Constructor" by Toy World. Childhood fantasy now has a price tag just under $500 and comes in a box full of conveniently non-copyrighted dreams.


Aside from it being the embodiment of how cool the feeling of Devastator was as a kid, this thing is a marvel of engineering and craft. From the surprisingly posable individual robots, to the ACTUAL MOVING TREADS on Bonecrusher (back hoe, right arm) and Scavenger (bulldozer, left arm), to every possible joint on his hands able to be bent, to the light-up eyes, to how insanely tight the figures transform and combine to like.. a micro tolerance level.. this thing is a feat by those who designed it.

June 22, 2017

"Kind of a let down"

Got this today and its a big disappointment. They give you no option of the version you want. I'm stuck with a cartoon face, purple barrel, and green thighs. This is everything I don't want! I have wasted almost $500 and can't stand this piece of garbage. tfsource should of noted these changes before I bought, I would of passed.

June 24, 2017
Rick Collects!

"Top-grade Devastator for any MP collection"

I've never been this amazed by a combiner. Like, really.

Individual bots are as solid as a rock, everything's nice and tight and he keeps together in combine mode like no tomorrow!

He's the badass combiner that you always wanted from your parents, but never got to. Don't miss out on this set by any chance. You will regret it.

Now, if you were as ignorant as rocklord74 and don't even care to look what this set includes, then yeah. You'd be surprised.

He's top-tier, and a must-have for every collector.

Get it while you can!

August 06, 2017

"This is a TRUE Masterpiece Devastator, and the BEST one!"

I own this Toyworld version, and Hasbros CW Devastator, and there is just no comparison. This combiner Devastator is absolutely beautiful. It is true MP scale, being huge at 22" in combined mode. Even the individual bots, are each a stand alone, masterpiece figure themselves. Then, once in combined mode, it is awe striking. I have this V2 boxset, with light up G1 head, and extra filler pieces too. Keep in mind that in this set, each bot comes in bot mode, not vehicle, so its hard to find a tutorial vid, that goes from bot to vehicle, but that's a minor gripe. Buy this guy, he is perfect.

October 08, 2017


I have to say this set is awesome I have 5 of the 6 single release figures the quality is deffinatly improved the plastic used on burdens rear wheels to fold them is stronger I had an issue with the first release of mixer had one of his windshields snap transforming him to bot mode not and issue with the giftset version everything is tight where it needs to be deffinatly more study in combined mode well worth the wait

October 23, 2017


First, I’d like to thank Toyworld for rectifying the issues that were pointed out in EmGo's reviews of the first release of these figures for this set. My copy did have minor QC issues (paint issues & a loose waiste swivel on Burden), but the overall quality is excellent! And out of all the 3rd party versions of this figure, Toyworld nailed it in terms of figures that are true to the original characters and toy.

The individual bots are all very well detailed with a lot of molded details and paint apps, even better than Takara's recent MP figures. All the figures are very posable and don't suffer from being able to combine and the tranformations aren't complicated. The moving tracks on Bulldozer & Unearth add an extra level of detail and quality engineering that should set a new standard.

The Combined mode is massive and impressive with excellent posability and tight joints by combiner standards and the detail is amazing. This set does come with the cartoon head only and that’s the one thing in this set that suffers. The head is not as detailed as the rest of the figure so it stands out to me, and not in a real good way. In fact, the CW head has more molded detail than this. Also the gun that attaches to the side of the head like the G1 toy is very loose and the plastic feels pretty generic. I bought this set for the individual bots so it’s not a big deal for me but it's also not deserving of a 1 star rating like one reviewer posted.

Overall, excellent set and well worth the price tag. At $470 for 6 well executed figures plus combiner parts, that's one hell of a deal by 3rd party pricing! Unless you prefer the original release head and silver thighs, don't let this set pass up!

December 18, 2017

"Toyworlds devastator is low quality and subpar when compared to generation toy."

for starters, I am a very experienced collector. I have virtually (or once had) every third party transformer, and every name brand transformer that exists.

There are 2 devastators out there currently, not including green giant of TFCs...( I sold TFCs long ago, but kept green giant because its awesome...But now one finally exists that's cool enough to sell off your others, and its not toyworlds devastator, its generation toys.

Like most toy world toys, this lacks quality. It has poor plastics, weak plastics, weak detail, and many QC issues. parts forming legs that give him that extra booster chair for his height, that is to me, way too big, and his head is just awful...and quite lacking in concept. maybe hes closer to G1...but for how crappy he is, i dont care...transformers modernize and as far as a real masterpiece version goes, this is incomparable to generation toys. I consider toyworld to be one of the better low end brands, and after this and a few other purchases, ive decided i wont be buying anymore toyworld.

Trying to standardize the "masterpiece" scale for combiners is one thing, but coming from a company with such low standards and quality of items and engineering is another...most of the problems ive had with transformers from third parties have come from toy world...they just feel cheap, and they have issues and breakages that cheap toys have...not only is it over valued, i just wouldnt want to waste anything on it, when there is simply a better product out there. If you are one of those guys on the fence about which one to buy, take this review into strong consideration. video reviews tend to lean towards fanboi scaling, which is incredibly unrealistic, and the need to be "just like the cartoon" which is more ridiculousness when you consider how awful and out of scale the cartoon was reviews also have to cater to who is sponsoring them so they fail to give you the real scoop. heres the real scoop, from a guy who has a great income, does not need to suck up and has the resources to enjoy what he wishes too. meaning i transform them, i play with them, i BUY them, they are not lent to me, i dont just do a review and move on, i actually own them and put the time in to enjoy them to the fullest.

i now have both toyworlds and generation toys devastators...and its not even a competition. generation toys outshines this toyworld 10 to 1. from quality, looks, playability, and yes even scale. i really dont need infant sized toys, toddler sized toys...And this isnt even the reason why i chose one over the other because the reasoning is obvious...I have almost every third party and takara transformer toy that exists, and after time, you know what to expect from certain companies...This is my last purchase from toyworld. of all the transformers i have problems with, whether it be breakages, transformation issues, plastic quality, or design and appearance...i have most of these issues ,and are more common with toyworld toys.

pay the extra $ and invest in good quality, you will not be disappointed in generation toys devastator as it is overwhelmingly a better toy on every level. From its intricate details, to its vehicle modes, to its robot wins in every way, overwhelmingly.

April 09, 2018

"mind blown!"

amazing figure, in every sense of the word! definitely a must have!

April 29, 2018
Snack attack

"Fantastic "

This thing is massive, it is amazing to behold. It towers over the other figures and looks fantastic doing it. The designs of the individual constructicons are excellent and fit in with the masterpiece scale perfectly. I have always believed that the constructicons should be huge robots due to their vehicle modes being huge, so I am a very happy customer. Thank you.

September 03, 2018
Jontimus Prime

"Amazing MP size"

This is the holy grail of combiners, the first, the only Devastator, or toyworld's Constructor! It is just amazing! Huge and articulated beyond expectations, the six individual construction bots are a wonderful and beautiful blend of g1 toy style and g1 cartoon design. The thighs and arms being indviduals pieces are the kicker, here it is usually combiners have the 'big guy' who is the bulkiest of the team and becomes the thighs or biceps which leads to it being a horrible execution of a character. Not this guy! The seperate parts are well done and mount everthing together for a true to the original look of Devastator.
I simply love him!
A must for anyone who is into MP scaled designs, this is my first third party designed figure, and considering he tales six cons to male the seventh being Devastator it is a win!!
Get him! GET HIM!!!!

September 04, 2018
Matt Finney

"Best version of Devastator yet!!!"

Enough said

October 14, 2018

"Devastator at its best!"

If you are a Devastator fan you must get this one !The quality and the combine parts forming is absolutely amazing! You will not be disappointed!

December 10, 2018

"Impressed "Not"-Devastatingly!"

I was hesitant at first to get this. It is quite a lot of $$. I saw many reviews elsewhere and had been wanting a BIG combined "D" guy, regardless if official or 3rd party. Some intense YouTube reviews finally clinched it for me. I got the package, opened it and was in awe, but was not really going to 'play' around transforming, so I left the 6 robots as-is and had them displayed - posed with their guns (I at least 'played' that much). All was good until I had to tidy up some display space, and I made the decision to finally combine them. This is monstrous! If you are not accustomed to making transformations, this will take some work. It did for me, mainly for fear of damage. But they are quite sturdy. There were a few pop-off parts and luckily they popped back on. Some matching tabs and pins do take a little persuasion, but the result is just -- WOW! Given the combiner size I had to put "not-D" on the floor, next to my TV center. He has already gotten several positive comments. I am now 'playing' more by adding the "not-dino-bots" around him, and making him look ticked-off. For this, I'm glad I dove in the pool. I can remember and appreciate the G-1 cartoon "not-for-real".

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