Stack FAQ


By placing any "Stack" order with The TOYSOURCE, you agree to the below Stack Policies.

Q: What is Stack?
The TOYSOURCE's Order Stacking service allows you to create one stack, or as we like to call it an "open order". Once created, you can continuously add preorder or instock merchandise to your "stack" which saves you on shipping!

Q: What is needed to start my stack?
All you need to do to start a stack is have at least one preorder item in your cart when you checkout. You cannot start a stack with just instock merchandise in your cart.


Stack Policies:


  • A credit card on file is required to start your stack, The TOYSOURCE accepts all major credit cards and Paypal for payment for stack orders
  • All instock stack items will be charged the same day they are added to your stack.  Preorder items will be charged once they are instock in theToySource warehouse
  • Preorders cannot be pre-paid for if they are in your stack
  • At any time you can log into stack manager from "My Source" and select any combination of instock items, and have them ship out by generating an instock order
  • Once all items are instock in your stack, an order will automatically be generated and your credit card will be charged
  • Preorder items in your stack can be canceled at any time! Simply log in to Stack Manager in My Source and select the preorder items you would like to cancel.
  • Instock items in your stack cannot be canceled and must be paid for within 10 days of being added to your stack or 10 days from their instock date in our warehouse
  • Customers have a limit on how many items they can stack, based on their past purchase history with TFsource. This prevents customers from continually adding to their stack and not paying.  Instock items that are paid in your stack do not count towards your limit.
  • Instock stacked items will be held for up to 180 days. After this they will automatically ship out and you will be charged for them. The TFsource team will contact you with a friendly reminder before they ship.

Stack ON ⁄ Stack OFF in My Source:

Stack ON

  • Automatically in checkout your default option will be Stack On. However in checkout you can easily change your order to non-stack, - so don't worry!
  • The "Add to Stack" button will automatically appear on preorder products. This makes it easy to add more preorders to your stack! With just two clicks, you don't even need to go through checkout to add items to your stack!

Stack OFF

  • Automatically in checkout your default option will be Stack Off and orders will be placed as normal, not automatically adding to your stack nor will your default preorder start your stack if you don't have one already going. However in checkout you can easily change your order to stack - so don't worry!



Q: Where on the site do I need to go to start my stack?



Stack on checkout page
In checkout in "Billing & Shipping" look for Stack Order
Stack on product page
Best of all, once you have started a stack, you just need to click Add to Stack button on any preorder item, to add it to your existing stack! The add to stack button will show up anytime you are logged into my source, have a stack order already placed and visit any preorder item!

Q: What if I get tired of waiting and want an instock item on my STACK to ship out now?
As long as you are logged into my source, and click on the Stack Manager tab you can have any of your instock items ship out at any time! With stack, if one item is delayed, no need to keep waiting! Simply go into the The TOYSOURCE Ship Manager in My Source and select the items from your stack you want to ship out on a new order now, click Ship My Order, and an order it automatically created for you! No more pesky manufacturer's delays will keep you from getting your much wanted figures!

Q: Stack seems great! Any TIPS or words of ADVICE from the TOYSOURCE Team?
Why yes, we're glad you asked! Here are our tips to you:

  • Be aware of product delays – manufacturer's delays are very common, and one item in a stack set as a preorder still, will keep your whole stack from automatically shipping
    • Check product release dates frequently – they often change
    • If you can't wait any longer, just spend the extra on separate shipping and have everything you want to ship now on a separate order. With the The TOYSOURCE Shipping Manager it makes it easy!
  • There is a no cancellation policy on instock stack items – Make sure you really want to commit to your purchase when adding instock items to your stack or when preorder items come instock. All instock items in your stack are a commit to purchase. If you run into a big problem the best thing to do is contact the The TOYSOURCE team early, and we can work with you on a payment plan, or other options. Just don't let it happen all the time.



Curt & the TOYSOURCE Team

Curt & the ToySource Team