Preorder Policy

TS Preorder Policy

Q: Why should I preorder an item?
By placing a preorder with the TOYSOURCE you will have the highest priority from our shipment that your order will be filled. We fill all preorders in the order they are received, so by preordering early you will be earlier in line when it comes to getting a highly sought after item. We also ship out in the order preorders were received, which means your order will ship out prior to orders for the same item placed once the goods became instock.

Q: Do you require prepayment for a preorder item?
The TOYSOURCE offers a pay now/pay later option on all preorders, that allows you to choose to pay upfront for your preorder, or to pay later when the item arrives in our warehouse. We will not email each customer letting them know their card was charged unless there is an issue with their payment at the time of processing, instead once all items on a preorder are instock we will automatically charge and process each customer's order. Each customer can check in their login order history to see if their card has been charged for a particular item or not.

Q: What if I order multiple items, can I combine ship my preorders together?
Yes, the TOYSOURCE offers the option to combine ship your entire order, including preorder and instock items, combine ship all your preorder items, or separate ship each preorder item at the point of checkout. Select the option that you prefer when completing checkout. If you are concerned about delays on an item on a preorder we recommend order stacking

Q: What if I want to group preorders based on the release date?
You may group preorders to combine ship when you checkout, just keep in mind you will need to complete multiple checkouts based on each grouping. We also recommend our order stacking feature as this allows you to manage your preorders and save on shipping!

Q: What if I combine ship a group of preorders and one items’ release is delayed?
If an items’ release is delayed and you chose to have it combine shipped with another group of preorder items that are released on-time, we will continue to hold your order until all items are instock. If you would like to switch to separate shipping, please email us and we can make an adjustment to your order to accommodate this request. We recommend all customers use order stacking for this reason, as this allows you to manage your preorders and save on shipping!

Q: What if you are short shipped and do not receive all of your product from your supplier?
In the case of short shipment, we will prioritize filling preorders in the order they were received. If we do not receive enough stock to fill all orders, we will only fill those orders that we have stock to fill. We will issue a refund to those that prepaid and we cannot fill those orders, those orders that were not filled will be canceled. We will not offer any compensation to customers for preorders that we are unable to fill based on our supplier short-shipping an order.

Q: What if I want to cancel a preorder from your site?
Any instock merchandise on an order that is combine shipped with preorder merchandise cannot be canceled. For preorder items, we have a no cancellation policy and any preorder placed on the TOYSOURCE’s website is a commitment and legally binding agreement to purchase. The TOYSOURCE will take all cancellation requests into consideration, and may offer a chance to apply the purchase to store credit, offer a cancellation fee, or other agreement up to the TOYSOURCE’s discretion and the nature of the reason for the cancellation. All reasonable requests for a cancellation will be considered, but as most merchandise needs to be committed to up to four months prior to it shipping, and often prepayment to suppliers is required, a large cancellation can have a significant impact on the TOYSOURCE’s business viability. Therefore we reserve the right to refuse future business dealings as well as seek legal action against any customer that places large volumes of purchases and does not pay.

Q: How long will it take you to ship out my preorder once it’s received in your warehouse?
Preorder times will vary based on an items popularity, but it could be anywhere from a couple of days to a week on popular items. Keep in mind we fill preorders in the order they are received, so if you preordered the day before an item is received, you will have a lot of orders ahead of yours. You can also always check the status of your order in the customer login section, as we will update each preorder just like a normal order, when it ships out.


Note: By placing a preorder with the TOYSOURCE, you are agreeing to all of the above terms of sale and policies mentioned in our Preorder FAQ’s.



Curt & the TOYSOURCE Team

Curt & the ToySource Team