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Newage - H6 Max Green 6.3CM/2.5" tall in robot mode and transforms from a UFO to robot and back. Figure includes a mini tractor beam attachment.

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CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.

Newage - H6 Max Green by Newage

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Newage - H6 Max Green
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Newage - H6 Max Green

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Customer Reviews

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April 08, 2019


All those years ago, Cosmos was one of my first transformers, and minibots. Saw this New Age Max Green, and thought that it looked solid. What I didn't expect was that it's even smaller than I imagined! It's tiny. G1 look, big time. The plastic is robust, and reminds me of Unique Toys Palm Collection figures, (I've heard this is a DX9 offshoot company) in style, and quality, which is on display with Max Green. The transformation is quite detailed, and intriguing. It poses, and articulates well. It's so impressive that this figure has every detail done so good, yet so small. I must say that this is a Mini-Legends scale Masterpiece. I'm going to get the blue version as well. Iron Factory has some competition, from this new company. Bravo, New Age!

April 13, 2019

"Likely as good as it gets"

Suffering from a Cosmos fixation, I have the G1, Legends, Universe, Igear, and Toyworld versions already. This is the smallest one and my favorite by far.

The plastic feels really good and solid. Both modes are very tight and great. The transformation is also very unique, which is surprising given its tiny size. It's almost a little too tricky at first, especially if you go by their instructions instead of watching someone do it.

The only worry I have is that the modes are so tight and the toy is so small, I worry slightly about breaking it transforming is so much. It's less of a worry though due to the high quality of the plastic.

The only other Cosmos I plan on ordering after this one is another copy of this if it ever breaks or gets lost.

May 25, 2019


This is a perfect rendition of Cosmos! He is about the same size as the g1 toy version with the design and articulation of the g1 cartoon!! This company is quickly becoming my favorite and most trusted 3rd party vendor for minibots.

The plastic is A+ quality and it is pure genius to use ball joints for all the movements because of the size and if you just so happen to snap something off....IT FITS RIGHT BACK ON! Please do not let my comment scare you; this is a very very well designed figure and you would have to be man-handling it to snap something off.

The transformation is surprisingly very involved for such a small figure; there are 3 major "turns" that must be performed: the hips, the upper body, and the head/shoulder area. Once you get those turns out the way the rest is simple.

The joints are tight and full of playful articulation; he is becoming my favorite little bot( the newage bumble bee is a treasure too). I plan to collect majority of there products; if you ever loved Cosmos he is a MUST HAVE for your collection; you will not be able to put him down!!!!

June 07, 2019

"A cute little cosmos!"

This little guy is load of fun! Hes a perfect little representation of cosmos! The transformation is EXTREMELY clever, and both modes look great! The thing thats holding bac the fifth star is his articulation, his shoulders, hips, and head are extremely limited.

Other than that, great figure!

June 08, 2019

"I believe"

Cosmos has grown on me. This little guy is my sixth Cosmos and one of my favorites. The detail and complex transformation is amazing, especially since he’s so small. If you have any interest at all in UFOs, get him. He won’t let you down! I feel like I need to get the versions of Cosmos I don’t have now. My X-Transbots Klaatu is probably my favorite, and Max Green might be #2.

June 17, 2019
Regina Falange

"Just Awesome!"

Better than any version from the official toy companies, except the original 80s version.

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