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MP-36 Masterpiece Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons and the long awaited Megatron in the current Masterpiece Scale! Features a high attention to detail and cartoon accuracy to the G1 Transformers cartoon/anime!

MP-36 Megatron Includes:
- 3 Face Plates (Smiling, Damaged, Shouting)
- Stock, Silencer & Scope
- Energy Mace & Sword
- Damaged Chest Plate
- Vector Sigma Key
- Headgear
- Blaster
- Packaging as large as MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime

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  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Box

Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Transformers Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron by Takara Tomy

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron
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Customer Reviews

Write a Review » Avg. Rating 5 5 (based on 30 reviews)
April 12, 2017
David Löfstrand

"The best Megatron figure yet!"

Ever since this figure was first announced, I had pretty high hopes for it and it does not dissappoint at all! This figure has amazing cartoon accuracy, fantastic life-like articulation, great accessories and is now the definitive Megatron figure in my opinion. Thankfully my figure seems to not show the problems other people have pointed out, and it transforms without much difficulty. Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase and I finally have a G1-style Megatron for my collection

April 13, 2017

"Magnificent Megs!!"

Just received him today in the mail. And he's absolutely worth the money. A huge improvement overall of his previous design plus added extra features. I haven't even transformed him yet and I'm impressed and very pleased. Takara is killing me right now and I love it!!

Even better in hand than photos or video reviews!!
A must have!!
Please do not sleep on this release!

April 13, 2017

"G1 Cartoon accurate, but..."

I've had my hopes up for this guy ever since I preordered him, but I was somewhat dissapointed when mine came with an extremely annoying QC issue. Mine has no paint chipping, and doesn't feel fragile, but has an extremely loose swivel on the right arm. Making it a pain in the backside to pose. Overall, I'm happy with him, but that QC issue is unforgivable. I'll probably have to send my current one back and hope for one without this problem.

April 14, 2017

"great figure but!!!"

ok so I just receaived my megatron and he is amazing the detail and likeness to the cartoon is amazing best ever. However I don't recommend transforming him at all I only did it one time and paint rub all over him and his right shoulder the plastic piece broke off so now I cant get him to hold the arm up without it completely falling off. be careful I followed the instructions to the T and put little force on the body when transforming him and still he broke. for what I paid for him they should send me a replacement!

April 15, 2017
Bo prime

" Waited so long for a cartoon accurate megatron "

I'm so happy I purchased this guy I would recommend watching a YouTube video step by step on transforming him its way easier than instructions looks so great next to Mp-10 my favorite megatron figure so far

April 15, 2017
Mister Z

"Fantastic as a robot-mode display, not so great as an actual Transformer"

I bought this figure with the intent of getting an official cartoon-accurate, highly poseable, collector-quality Megatron, and MP-36 certainly succeeds at that (multitude of panel lines and weird kibble aside). The accessories are also a very nice touch, with alternate faces, weapons, gun-mode parts that can be used like in the original toy, and a few miscellaneous items. However, a major drawback to most people is this figure's issues with its transformation scheme, whether it be paint-chipping or pieces breaking off. With that said, I'm kind of nervous to attempt it, but that means I leave it in its fantastic robot mode, so I'm certainly not complaining.

April 15, 2017
Mathias Morqubus

"Awesome company."

I can't think TFSource enough,for not tampering with this piece and sending me an email on how to handle this figure. It is an awesome representation of old bucket head and i love it.

April 15, 2017


he's the perfect figure. 9/10 (the silencer is trouble for me imo) The sounds the cannon makes are so cool--can't stop playing around with it!!

April 21, 2017


I had to wait 33 years for a cartoon accurate Megatron like this and all I've got to say is that it was worth the wait! I haven't transformed him into his alternate mode because he looks too great in his robot mode to do so. I've seen plenty of transformation videos on YouTube and after seeing the paint scrapes, I decided to not transform him. If you have a G1 Megatron, keeping him in his alternate mode with all of his accessories attached, you'll get exactly what this Masterpiece Megatron would look like. With this all being said, I'd highly recommend picking up this Megatron. He's just great to look at and will be a fine addition to anyone's collection.

April 22, 2017
Rhonald Apontes

"A true masterpiece"

A true masterpiece, I am very impressed with the engineering of this figure, a great addition to my collection

April 23, 2017
Sugar Shane

"Best, but not Perfect"

He is right out of the cartoon.
He might be a little ugly from the back but who poses their figures facing the wall anyways?
I haven't had any paint chipping or scuffs yet but I have heard others having the issues so be careful!

April 24, 2017

"shout out to Emgo316 and TFSource"

I highly recommend youtuber Emgo316 solution to deal with a certain step that would otherwise require scary brute force. (do not summon your inner hulk to transform your figure). And buy this figure from TFSource!

May 17, 2017

"Megatron Lives!"

So, this figure is getting a huge mix of hate and praise on the interwebs.

Lets be fair, the back is kibble ridden and is kind of distracting, but if back packs bother you then well, there you go. I just don't care any more now that I have him in hand.

From every other angle though this figure is amazing to look at. It is beautiful and the paint is glorious. Mine was perfect and had no chipping or blemishes. He is glorious to behold.

The articulation is amazing and the transformation is mind blowing. This is truly a feat of engineering. the legs, the thighs, the chest all are exquisite. the only lull I would say are the arms, but they aren't really that bad. The gun mode is panely and there is a trick to not scratching the barrel. Look for the video on this, trust me.

The accessories are great and I love that the gun butt doubles as a flight stand. I hope some one comes up with a patch for the fusion cannon though, I want Frank Welker's voice and his actual cannon blast sound from the 'toon. The battle damage parts are great fun and the articulated mace chain is a nice touch I didn't even know that I wanted. Hours of enjoyment here.

Beware though this is an expert level transformer. I had no issues with anything transforming him, but I was extremely careful with him. DO NOT Force anything and you will be fine. Watch the videos a couple times and try to memorize the transformation before you attempt it and that will probably also help, I did this and found it really helpful.

This is the one true Megatron. No others even come close. Get him, you wont regret it, if you do, then there is no pleasing you.

May 24, 2017
Hatsune Miku

"Nice work"

Splendid work in bot mode, but the transforming is too complex(Not hard, but just complex, too many steps and pieces). Gun mode is ugly but exact size to hold in hand(for MP05, that is perfect looking but too big) Bot mode is so so so so excellent, can make almost every pose you see in G1 cartoon and tons of support parts make it more
interesting to play

August 04, 2017
A real person

"Simply epic"

Look, what ever reviews you might read complaining or anything else even close to a negative, just simply understand it's from people who will ALWAYS find issues with ANYTHING. I've read comments even on this site from several called reviews crying about as some call "all the kibble" on the BACK of the figure!? I can say to "those" type of people...go make yet another appointment with your therapist and up your meds...

I have countless masterpieces items even have my orgininal TF units along with third parties... this example is IMO one of the Best all around designs and compleations via Takara in any aspect. 100% G cartoon to perfections. Extremely well made with solid feel and details. Extreamly Poseable. If you have issues transforming then that's really your issue not the item. If you scratch or damage the unit b cause you can't take your time or understand how to transform the unit..again, your issue..

Many version Ms of Megatron have come and gone, this is really a situation where the character has come off the screen. I am truly happy that I s with the collect coin. Well worth the price. You will regret not securing one while stock allows before having to settle from third party eBay sellers and versions with custom added orange plugs...if only other Takara Masterpieces were built to this standard and options...

February 01, 2018


Cunning. That's the one word I'd use to describe Takara Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron. Cunning. Ever since I got my first Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime - the perfect Optimus Prime toy to represent the perfect Generation 1 Optimus Prime - I always knew that he can't stand alone. He needed Megatron to complement him. I waited awhile before biting the bullet because MP-36 is quite a bit more expensive than MP-10. Now I know why.

In robot mode, Megatron looks cunning. He is highly pose-able, and truly truly looks like the original G1 Megatron from the cartoon, I immediately fell in love with him. He's got heft and he's so flexible. His face oozes the personality of the Decepticon leader, and just looks... adorably cunning! Changeable face plates give Megatron even more expressions. His body is truly detailed and really resembles the G1 Megatron I knew and loved.

What makes MP-36 most cunning? His transformation to a gun! Talk about cunning... no I'd say it's almost wicked. Like Megatron himself. The transformation to a gun is no mean feat, and it's not for the faint-hearted. This is an expensive professional toy, so I read all about potential scuff marks, stuck gun nozzle, potential breakage, etc. Transformation from robot to gun mode is really complex, so to be honest, the paper instructions are totally useless to me. For that, I followed Youtube video which was thoroughly helpful - it still took me about 45 mins plus to transform Megatron into his gun, but what an accomplishment I felt when I managed to finally do it! Whatever you do, don't force anything! I did have a very very (near invisible) minor scuff mark due to transformation, but to be honest, I treat the Masterpieces as toys and I want to transform them now and then, so I really don't mind some scuffs - call it Megatron's "battle scars"! I didn't buy these superbly crafted toys just to be displayed!

The gun feels so appropriate to my hands and again, the heft makes it feel... expensive. The accessories are extremely well engineered too. The arm bit of the gun could be used as stand to either suspend Megatron, or in my case, I suspend the Gun! The only part that I think is actually flawed is the long barrel - the front black bit that connects to the nozzle. This is well documented - you do NOT want to push this thing right through or it may cause scratches and may not be easily removed. So I only lightly nudge it enough to stay, but I wouldn't risk forcing it on a toy that's hundreds of dollars.

Now, my MP-36 Megatron sits alongside my treasured MP-10 Optimus Prime. They belong to each other. They look good with each other, doesn't matter if it's truck vs gun or robot vs robot. They just look good together! Yes, so all in all, MP-36 is simply stunning. And like Megatron himself, definitely, categorically cunning. Highly recommended for Transformers G1 fans!

June 04, 2018

"Masterpiece Megatron"

Awesome quality!!

July 18, 2018


A lot of people in my office recognize the figure, and none of them believe me that it transforms! With the new MP Optimus Prime coming out next year, I feel like Megatron is going to sell out quick. Get it while you can. The level of detail is insane.

September 18, 2018

"All Hail Megatron !!!"

He is an awesome addition to my collection and no plug. Perfect.

November 05, 2018

"About as good as it can get"

If you are a fan of Megatron, G1 or otherwise, this figure is a fantastic option. To preface, the accessories that Megatron comes with are great. Its hard for me to think of anything more that could come with him that I'd need. All of the accessories are nicely sculpted and detailed. The Key to Vector Sigma being Die-cast was a nice touch. Now, the figure is fantastic. He can hold a pose like no other, and he looks fantastic doing it. Proportions are great as well. Not too bulky and not too lean. I particularly like how the legs are proportioned with the torso. Even though he is roughly the same height as Mp-10, he just has a presence that makes him seem bigger. That's how Megatron should be in my book. The transformation is infamously complex, but that doesn't mean it's complicated. All the tolerances are perfect and once you get him into gun mode, he looks perfect. To get him there, I would highly recommend watching TheLazyEyebrowReviewer's video on his transformation, as it covers in detail the ins and outs of the transformation. Other than the price, and difficult transformation, I really can't think of any real flaws in this figures design. If you are a fan of Megatron, and don't mind the price, this figure is truly worth it.

February 02, 2019

"Wow - Even better than expected - woW"

I wanted to have a g1 Megatron again, and I was willing to invest. But after watching a few MP videos..., and then finding the TFSource website and reading the reviews on the MP 36 version, my mind shifted and I went for the MP. I thought in my mind, nothing is going to be as good as my childhood g1...., Then..., It was here...and WOW....this is freaking unreal and amazing. Videos online do MP 36 Megatron no justice (although great help for transforming). It is truly a spectacle, and best to appreciate in person. It is one of the most satisfying purchases I have ever made. The level of detail for the entire figure is just amazing. Quick glances give you the feeling that he is real and just pausing when you look at him. Simply put, if you like Transformers..., get MP36 Megatron, he is amazing! (Happy to report my shipment and box quality was flawless. So glad I found this website!)

March 03, 2019

"So Cool!"

MP-36 is the cartoon Megatron made real. When I watched the cartoon as a kid, the Autobots and Decepticons were not limited in my imagination by the simplistic way the cartoon was drawn. This toy has an epic balance of cartoon and reality.

March 16, 2019
Jared Vaughan

"raging b engauged "

this figure is on point 1 million times better than the original mp megatron for the fact that mp-36 can actually hold his cannon arm up! I also love how cartoon accurate this is

March 22, 2019

"Jaw Dropping Awesomness"

I can't believe how increadible this figure is. Hours just melt away manipulating this thing. I am new to the Masterpiece Collector hobby but plan on jumping all in after receiving this Megatron. The engineering is just increadible. The posing options are unlimited and he just looks alive in every pose. Wonderful piece and TFsource was a great shopping experience for me. Will be shopping here again soon.

May 13, 2019
Night Train 357

"An Instrument of Destruction"

Worth every penny. The level of articulation is superb and the attention to detail is amazing. The display options are numerous and Megatron comes with plenty of accessories to play around with. He's very sturdy as well. One major warning: Be extremely careful when transforming him. If you owned G1's Megatron you kind of have to unlearn what you think his transformation should be or look like. Take your time and move slow. He took me 45 minutes to transform for the first time because you have to be really careful not to stress hinges and bend things the wrong way. He'll be in robot more for the most part anyway.

June 02, 2019

"Great, except for a few quirks."

The mace attachment piece came very loose. So loose to where it will only stay on if held upward so it wont fall off the arm. It also had some measurement markings so I guess the piece wasn't meant to be the one shipped. Had to sand down the barrel extension insertion part to avoid scratching since it was initially way too tight and I was afraid of breaking the figure when yanking it out if I put it all the way in. Great figure, just wish for paying full price for the official didn't require any fixing.

June 17, 2019
Some Guy

"Absolutely Stunning"

As a first-time Masterpiece TF owner, I don't think I could have made a better pick. The face sculpt is flawless, the proportions are spot-on, even the transformation is pretty fun after you read the instructions a couple times (just don't turn the pieces that fold over his chest the wrong way or the pin snaps off, learned that the hard way and had to find a replacement part on eBay).

The paint chipping is a bit annoying, but it's not too difficult to avoid it if you keep his parts from rubbing too close together as best as you can.

July 23, 2019

"Can't ask for anything better"

In 1 word


August 16, 2019

"The best Megatron Period."

Nuff Said. Spend the money and stop wasting time with 3P on this guy. This one is the best.

August 27, 2019
Citizen Monk

"I'm Honored To Be 30th Reviewer For The Mighty Megatron"

It's amazing what time patience and actually giving a ---- could do. After the nightmare of the 1st attempt, I just like many was in awe when I first saw it. Mind you, that I waited 8 months before opening the box. When I did, it was over, every day since I mess with it, pose him as frequently as Sunstreaker. For me, I truly dig this figure and is definitely in my top 5 that I have. I'm just hoping that we get newer releases of different characters that are as good or even better than this, as long as they don't go too crazy on pricing. Great job on Megatron, but the question now is WHERE'S GALVATRON? I know that sometime soon we'll hear something about it, 3rd parties beware, he's coming

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