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R-33 - Collisus stands approximately 20CM/8" tall in robot mode and transforms from battle tank to robot and back. Collisus is part of Mastermind Creations Reformatted series and includes his twin cannon and features super articulated joints including toe and ab crunch.

Figure Includes:
- R-33 Collisus
- 1 x Twin Cannon
- 1 x Manual
- 1 x Comic
- 1 x Bio card

  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Case)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case

Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Mastermind Creations - R-33 - Collisus by Mastermind Creations

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Customer Reviews

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June 23, 2018
Alicia Williams

"What a toy!"

I knew as soon as I saw this guy that I wanted him and I wasn't disappointed by his arrival. He looks and especially feels incredibly solid, with good quality plastic and tight but still forgiving joints. His transformation includes a few fiddly steps but is overall straightforward and fun both ways.

His vehicle mode is appropriately solid, looking as powerful as one would expect. With or without his cannons mounted, he makes for a formidable war machine. He rolls well, too, though I have had some minor trouble with tabbing in the innermost of his back wheels on the left side.

As much as I enjoy his vehicle mode, his bot mode is where he really shines. I have him transformed beside me and I keep looking at him as I type this. He looks like a leader, as well he should. He's got great balance in this mode and is quite poseable. The backpack is a bit of an eyesore but the mold and deco do a good job directing the eye away from in from front and many side views. Mounting his cannons, particularly with the extra armor pieces attached, gives him that little extra something, though I would've liked weapons for him to hold in his hands.

The face is a little bit of a drawback for me. It's a great sculpt but this is a character who should have a smile on his face, in my opinion. It takes away little from the overall experience, though.

His deco deserves its own paragraph. I swear I find a new color every time I look at him. I'd call him a fashion disaster on legs but that would diminish his legs' part in the mess. None of this should be taken as a criticism. He is mindblowingly tacky and dogGONE if he doesn't make it work in toy form as well as in the comics. The Claudia Kishi of robots, for sure.

All told, this fella's amazing. Sturdy, gorgeous (in his own... unique way) and fun to transform and pose. An excellent homage to the IDW character and a very enjoyable figure in his own right.

March 10, 2019
Rob bonkuless

"Thunderclash rocks!"

What a great piece! 3rd party groups have really picked up there game, we wish we could get stuff like his in the US all the time!

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