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R-28 Tyrantron from Mastermind Creations MM stands 20CM/8" tall. From the depths of the energy mines to the leader of the Eliminator cause, TYRANTRON has always been more than capable. Relive that rise to power with the latest release in the Reformatted line! Tyrantron includes the base figure, with alternate parts to swap between miner and leader forms, fusion cannon, laser mace and energy sword.

Figure Includes:
- Tyrantron figure
- Fusion cannon
- Drill
- Alternate head sculpt
- Alternate body parts including chest and shoulder armors
- Weapons: laser mace, energy blade.
- Manual, comic, bio card

  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Case)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case

Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Mastermind Creations - R-28 - Tyrantron by Mastermind Creations

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Mastermind Creations - R-28 - Tyrantron
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Customer Reviews

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October 03, 2017

"Love it love it love it"

By fare my favorite Megatron he's big beefy and looks like how the Leader of the decepticons should look highly recommend this figure

November 16, 2017
gottalovesteak / Megs


5 stars immediately. Have you ever seen a figure built so well that you can't use the word "toy" to describe it? That the word "crisp" is literally the first thing you can come up with because the company’s design is so perfect and clean? That the figure is so well built and chunky that it could probably indeed hold its own in a war?

Exaggeration aside, I’m being 200% serious when I say that this figure is probably one of the best that MMC has ever made. The paint job is perfect, the details are amazing, the feet are perfectly even so you have no trouble standing him up (unlike with many Hasbro toys), he’s very chunky and fun to hold. And the smaller tinier details? The head is so perfect and matches exactly with that of MTMTE Megatron. I can’t stress it enough that he’s pretty much an exact replica of MTMTE Megatron.

The only real difference is that Tyrantron doesn’t have tank treads in its arms (like how he does in the comics) and it has longer upper “arm wings/flaps” but you grow to love it either way because it’s a barely noticeable difference.

PLUS it comes with a TON of extra parts, add-ons, and weapons so you can change his appearance to that of post-war (MTMTE) or pre-war (miner/Megatron Origin). It also comes with an additional empurata head (aka pre-war MTMTE Glitch) that you can either put on him (which is sort of disturbing) or MMC’s Kultur (MTMTE Tarn) and a neat little comic that was quite clearly inspired by the Megatron Origin comics.

I just… I love it??? I love it so much? If you love MTMTE Megatron and want something that’s 99% exact to him and is very well built, by all means spend the money and get MMC Tyrantron.

December 08, 2017

"Extremely good"

Very well made; the parts fit nicely together very well and the look and feel of the figure is highly satisfying.

February 02, 2018


Yes, the lack of sideways foot swivel makes some poses look weird. Yes, the altmodes are meh. There are weird holes in his underarms when he’s not wearing weapons. And the red parts are imho too bright compared to IDW Megs darker reds. But, a brave man/woman can easily custom fix the last two.

But the headsculpt! The overall quality of the figure! This is Milnes Megatron straight off the page.

The only true complaint I have is that tyrant mode and miner mode are both equally gorgeous, which makes it hard to decide which you want to display the figure in.

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