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Figure stands approximately 16CM/6" tall and includes two weapons, both figures, and a bio card.

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Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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KFC - CT-02 Tempest by KFC Keiths Fantasy Club

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KFC - CT-02 Tempest
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Customer Reviews

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July 19, 2014

"Good... but...."

Appearance: 7/10
IMO this is the best mold of Cyclonus released to date. but that doest mean it isnt down right fugly in some areas. Namely the arms and legs are too short which makes him appear kind of stubby.
The headsculpt is a great likeness to G1 and he has a great smirk/scowl that displays his personality well.
I dont know what it is, but the purple tint of his paint does not show up well on camera, but trust me, he is more purple than blue and his limbs are a nice contrasting lavender color.
HANDS SUCK! no excuse for this. just lazy development.
I added a set of G1 repros to add some much needed detail.

Build Quality: 8/10
This is my first KFC and i gotta say that its good. The plastic used is good and thick, he feels sturdy.
Although if you get him, the first thing you should do is turn him over and tighten his screws. they were not tight at all and the joints were all over the place. but it was easily remedied with the aforementioned screw
everything tabs into place securely and nicely, although there is no real click or tactile feel when it does. That being said once its tabbed it is difficult to untab, which i prefer for stabilty anyway.
Paint apps are very precise and not sloppy at all although most of the figure is molded in the primary purplish color.
Overall.... yeah, its good

Not what i expected. i ordered him when it was still beleived that he would scale well with Mania king. Not at all. See pics. I would say he is in between a deluxe and a voyager leaning more toward the voyager scale. The detail is nice, but damn it, he just ain grown up yet..

Transformation: 9/10
His alt mode is easily the best cyclonus jet ever! enough said!
His transformation is intuitive and fun. Just one weird thing involved in the process, and thats getting his alt mode jet nose kibble past his head and tucked nicely into his back.

Nightstick: 6/10
Meh.... good detail but floppy. kinda let down

Overall, i give him an 8/10. I believe he is superior to the hastak in every way. But Someone seriously needs to upscale this mold to make it all the better.

January 27, 2015
Michael Vento


Figure looks great in both modes.The coloring is not the dark purple it once was but that doesnt take anything away from it.Transformation was quite simple with no problem,though I wouldnt transform him much.Arms and feet were loose right out of the box making him tough to pose.So far Ive enjoyed the KFC cassette figures Ive purchaced and Im glad to him in the army Im building.Not sure if Ill purchace Evil Metal yet though will see

April 16, 2015

"Look Good, but has some issues"

In robot mode, it looks great. The legs however is a bit too loose that it barely stands. In plane mode, I think its fine and everything looks good. As for the transforming of this figure, there is a small square hatch on the back where the tiny hinges is so delicate that I broke one side on the first transformation. I normally do no force anything but that just popped out and that was the end of it. The hatch still fit tight enough back in place but the fact i know its broken and so easily.... disappointed.

May 04, 2015

""Yay! Cylonus!""

Ordered this guy about a week ago, and now that he's here, I must say I'm very impressed. This being my first third party purchase, I was a little nervous about what to expect, but any doubts died the moment I held him in my hands.

The overall quality of the piece is much better than I expected. The plastic seems light but strong, definitely as some of Has/Tak's newer stuff. All the joints were tight right out of the package, and he is very sturdy once you've transformed him to robot mode.

I love the colors on this guy. He is definitely more blue than purple, but this is a plus after the royal purple monstrosity of the CHUG version. Most of his color comes from the plastic that he is molded from, which means no paint chipping!

The only complaint I have is that the nose of mine is slightly crooked. Nothing you would notice at a passing glance, but there nonetheless.

All in all, Tempest is a great 3p toy that I am proud to have in my collection!

May 04, 2015
No Fleshling Worms

"Decent, Not Exceptional"

Tempest is a relatively inexpensive third party version of Cyclonus. I own the Generations Cyclonus as well, and this review will compare the two.

Robot mode: Cyclonus is, overall, the winner here. Tempest's face sculpt and ball-jointed head are indisputably superior, but the washed-out color scheme, lack of detail, terrible hands design, and general blockiness all work against it. Cyclonus is a much more interesting-looking robot.

Jet mode: Tempest owns, here. It's not even close. The amazingly poor design of Cyclonus' jet mode is what initially made me look into Tempest. Tempest's jet retains some of the robot's blockiness, but is a far more solid outline. The drawbacks to Tempest: with the nose gun removed, the nosecone flops noticeably, and, on my particulat figure, at least, the slot on the right dorsal fin is a mismatched size for the corresponding tab, and won't pin in. It still destroys the gap-ridden, friction-held Cyclonus jet, though.

Nightstick: This one's a tie. While Tempest's is much better in robot mode, the gun mode is very weak and loose. Conversely, Cyclonus's has a mediocre robot and a very good, tight gun mode.

Color scheme, paint, and details: Easily, this goes to Cyclonus. The coloration and very minimal paint, in addition to some questionable sculpt choices, make Tempest feel a bit "cheap". I am biased toward the darker colors of Cyclonus, I admit, but the difference in paint and detail is not mere opinion.

Transformation: Tempest, all the way. Cyclonus seems to have sacrificed a convincing jet mode for a superior, better-proportioned robot. Tempest's jet actually feels like a jet. The very bizarre choice of the hand transformation hurts Tempest's robot mode, but the overall transformation is rewarding and gives a strong, solid (apart from the drooping nosecone) jet.

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