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Jiangxing JX MetalBeast 01 Winged Dragon transforms from a giant winged dragon to robot and back! Features an impressive figure from Jiangxing with a massive wingspan and the arm of the robot mode is formed from the head of the dragon! Figure stands 30CM/12" tall in beast mode and is approximately MP scaled!

  • MIB (Mint in Box)

  • TFcon 2010 Exclusive Figure
  • Figure has been opened.

Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
ToySourcecode: JX01WING

Jiangxing JX MetalBeast 01 Winged Dragon by Jiang Xing

Preorder Item Estimated Release Date: March 2020
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Customer Reviews

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November 11, 2018
Transformers At The Moon

"Amazing figure - based on early prototype"

I was lucky enough to handle an early prototype of this figure at TFNation 2018, where the figure went on display for the first time.

I was surprised by the weight of the figure, it isn't light by any means. The build quality and quality of the plastic was fantastic, far higher than some official and other 3rd Party offerings.

The joint for the left shoulder (dragon head) was loose, but that should be fixed for the final release.

If you are a Beast Wars fans or just love transforming dragons, then this guy is for you .. as long as you have space for it

November 08, 2019

"Stay far away"

Tolerance issues left and right. Highly visible paint scratches on literally every joint, very badly done paint that isn’t even applied over the entire figures surface. Bens Collectables was either paid to say this was good or they gave him a special copy with no issues because this is trash. Unadulterated trash. $240 worth too.

December 03, 2019

"My favorite figure EVER!! 10/10"

OMG!! This guy is beautiful!!! Definitely my favorite figure! He's huge, shiny, joints are strong, transformation isn't hard, and he looks beyond spectacular in my collection. I haven't had any issues with paint chipping but I could see if you were rough with it how it could happen. I almost want to buy another one so I can have one in beast mode and one in robot mode. My only complaint is it doesn't come with the batteries that light up his dragon mouth.

December 05, 2019

"Great figure but not perfect. Handle with care"

- massive size is appropriate to the character and makes for a very impressive display piece
- Aesthetic blends the best parts of both show and original toy's box art giving it the look an MP-like figure should have
- paint is well applied and reasonably sturdy if handled carefully and looks fantastic
- articulation provides most of what you would want or need out of an MP figure
- smart use of die-cast materials gives the figure the balance it needs for posing
- additional face accessories are a nice touch
- all three modes accounted for (even if one of them is stupid, but that's more the source material's fault than the figure)
- option to remove the dragon head and give him a normal hand will appeal to some

- figure comes with the dragon head and tail removed and both are a terrifying pain to attach
- paint is reasonably sturdy but not perfect and the aforementioned tail attachment may result in chipped paint and the dragon head attachment WILL result in chipped paint (though if you are as careful as possible, this chipping will only happen in a spot that will never bee seen in any mode)
- bot mode head articulation can be limited in some poses because the tail will collide with the collar spikes. It would have been nice if those spikes were on joints to allow them to move out of the way
- bot mode elbow joint on his left arm is pretty lazily designed and could have been done much better. It can be posed in ways that hide it but it does ruin the aesthetic when you can see it.
- the fact that the entire figure IS coated in paint does mean you have to be much more careful when transforming the figure
- massive size (while impressive) comes with the drawback of making transformation a little unwieldy and makes being more careful a bit more difficult
- light-up feature in dragon head is cool in theory but the light itself stands out far too much, even when off, for a feature with such limited use and slightly ruins the aesthetic

All in all, this is a great looking piece and I don't regret my purchase one bit but it is not without flaws. Handle with care and you should be ok where the paint is concerned but that also means you cannot treat this figure as a toy. If you're cool with leaving it as a display piece and only occasionally transforming/reposing it, then I do highly recommend it. If you're looking for something you can frequently play around with, I would look elsewhere.

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