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Generation toy's latest figure is GT-02 IDW Tyrant! Masterpiece scaled, this figure stands 24CM/9.5" tall in robot mode, and transforms from a stealth bomber to robot and back!

  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
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Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Generation Toy - GT-02 - IDW - Tyrant by Generation Toy

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November 06, 2017

"Generation Toys: Tyrant"

Once again GT has successfully produced an outstanding "Masterpiece" style figure with Tyrant.

It is based on the IDW comic book "Bomber" Megatron upgrade (and original fan favorite source , Don Figeroa artwork).

The densely packed box has a slip cover with sub par art, silver embossed company logo and is relatively useful yet forgettable.

It has a two tier black foam inserts which snugly protect the figure, 2 arm cannon halves and multi part stand.

The stand is a nice addition complete with ratcheting joints, locks, swivels and purple translucent plastic. Very thoughtful.

The figure comes packed in bomber mode and you simply unpack and plug in the 2 cannon halves as both wing tips.

Screw holes have been plugged with painted plastic nubs to seamlessly showcase the alt mode.

Bomber mode is a tighly condensed and hefty ballistic boomerang of Decepti-badness. Gourgeous purple pin stripes.

And a nice red painted canopy. No landing gear, but the flight stand will have to do...

The inclusion of translucent mid section parts is welcome and simply adds to the majesty and quality of the figure.

The alt mode cleans up nicely with a few "hidden panels" swiveling around to conceal all bot bits.

The robot mode is a large, hefty and menacing spectacle to behold. Mostly black plastic, exquisitely built and fully painted.

The paint applications are simply outstanding, and a hallmark of the company, as all its figures excel in paint deco.

The silver inner limbs with a stroke of electric purple are great. The wonderful purple pin stripes which always form a capital "M".

Superb bot mode loaded with articulation and a few (much needed) ratchet joints. I'd like more, but it is more than Op Ex...

Highly recommended figure. And its a "Top 10 Third Party figure of 2017" for me... My score: 9.5 / 10

I take points away for the shoulders and back wing sections.

I feel engineering wise could have been more flexible and contain ratchets to hold up the weapons.

The small back wings do fold over but if a slider could enable them to sit flat on the back, it would be perfect...

December 10, 2017

"An amazing Toy! Top Notch!"

I really enjoyed this figure! I also own their Otpimus prime! They go well together! Oh do not forget to look up their Stunticons! GT is also Transformission! IDW is something this company does well!

March 16, 2018
Sugar Shane

"A Mega-Tyrant in Hand"

This guy is a super pleasure to look at just sitting there with that kick-slag of a stand we got for him. He looks sleek in either mode and is fun enough to swap back and forth.

I will say though out of the box mine had a mark on his right shoulder which was a bit of a disappointment that I had to attempt to cover it up, but everyone's mileage with vary.

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