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Forging a path of war


It’s time to get loud and go to war with FT-41 Sheridan, from Fans Toys! Dedicated to making the toys and collectible figures they want as fans, Fans Toys has created another awesome 3rd Party collectible figure with FT-41 Sheridan. This figure is large and ready to join the ranks of collection.


Built like a tank and armed with a gun protruding from his chest, FT-41 Sheridan is positively constructed for battlefield action. A thick, nearly impenetrable armor and a variety of strange munitions are all part of this robots ineffable personality. With a variety of skills and more confidence than the enemy can handle, Sheridan is perfectly suited to win any battle! 


Evoking cartoon sensibility and design, the figure truly looks like he came straight from the future exclusively to do battle with the bad guys. A glorious metallic red color canvases the majority of the figure, with a chrome silver highlighting elbows, feet, and waist. The silver shines through the treads of his alt mode, a deadly tank loaded with firepower. With a moveable mounted gun turret in this mode and a penchant for destruction, FT-41 Sheridan is more than prepared for any threat that comes his way. The figure transforms from his wild robot warrior mode to his menacing tank mode and back again.


FT-41 Sheridan stands at a menacing 6.3 inches tall, in approximate Masterpiece scale. Good articulation, superb poseability, and sturdy ABS plastic construction only contribute to FT-41 Sheridan’s already heavily armored physique. This figure is built to last for a long time to come and will look great in your Fans Toys collection, regardless of whether he’s squaring off against the bad guys or improving the morale of his colleagues. 


This beloved character comes to you in the type of highly anticipated figure, superb quality figure you won’t find anywhere else—all at an affordable price for any collector. So don’t let the enemy get you; pick up a Fans Toys FT-41 Sheridan figure today at TFSource—your source for Fans Toys 3rd Party collectible transforming figures!


  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)

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Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Fans Toys FT-41 Sheridan by Fans Toys

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Fans Toys FT-41 Sheridan
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Customer Reviews

Write a Review » Avg. Rating 4 4 (based on 7 reviews)
May 03, 2020

"Watch the knees"

Before I get to any positives, I have to note that during the second conversion from robot to tank mode, the left knee snapped at the swivel.

The figure looks great and has a good weight to it, feels like a decent amount of diecast parts. Everything fits together pretty well in both modes. If you plan on getting this, just be really careful with the swivel at the knee. I was being pretty careful, but this particular joint was extremely tight and necessary to turn for the transformation. Hopefully my copy was faulty and it doesn’t happen to anyone else, but I can’t give it a good rating for breaking on me.

May 05, 2020

"Hefty beauty"

Heavy figure with lots of die cast. Transformation is fairly complex. He has tiny levers on his knees that have to be flipped when turning him to alt mode. Gorgeous alt mode and a very nice if a bit leggy robot mode. Glad I got one.

May 20, 2020

"This tank is a beast"

Great looking figure.

Another solid win from FansToys. This thing has a ton of metal in it. With the exception of a fiddly knee joint that is prone to breakage(which Fanstoys will replace with an upgraded part) the figure is very sturdy.

Detailing on it is amazing yet still simple enough to be G1 toon reminiscent.

Joints are a bit tight on mine but not bad overall.

Articulation is decent though the shoulder joints are a little odd.

A solid recommend especially at the price point.

May 24, 2020

"Solid piece"

A great representation of new technology to capture the old school cartoon. Glad hes been updated with a true to now take on the bot mode, more natural vice clunky. Alot of heft which is nice.

Legs on mine are stiff but so far no worries of breakage, thanks to everyone's video reviews to help point that out. Great buy.

May 26, 2020

"Fans toys has done it again"

Another great figure from Fanstoys. Great paint, nice tight joints, amazing articulation, everything I’ve come to expect from Fanstoys. just be carful with the knee joints they are prone to being loose and or breaking. Other than that I an extremely satisfied with this figure.

June 03, 2020

"Two stars is too generous"

I have a lot of Fans Toys figures. I am really happy with all them, except this one. It stinks. I'm really frustrated with it. The left leg came apart at the knee during the first transformation. Didn't make it to any other step. Sent it back for repairs. It was returned. The second time I tried to transform it, I started with the right leg, which also came apart at the knee. Sent back for a second round of repairs. Never trying to transform it again. Going on the shelf as is. Looks great, but poor quality. Sorry Fans Toys, this one is garbage.

June 05, 2020

"The WORST Fanstoys figure yet!"

FANSTOYS PLEASE LISTEN TO US! The last few figures you've been releasing have been getting worse in quality......Yes I know you have diecast parts, accurate G1 looks, etc. etc. and all that stuff is great but if the quality sucks and you have figures like this one with terrible knee joints that just FALL OFF without even any pressure being applied then you NEED TO DO BETTER, especially for the prices you are charging that are only getting higher and higher!!! The last Fanstoys figure I bought was JABBER and even that one had PURPLE paint, not blue like in the pictures! What's up with that?? This one has terrible knees...….PLEASE FIX YOUR QC ISSUES because if the next figure I buy has the same crap quality it will definitely be my LAST Fanstoys figure. You're best figures IMO were the days of your Dinobots…….please find that level of quality again!

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