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Fans Toys FT-22 Koot stands 19CM/7.5" tall in robot mode and contains die-cast parts. Koot changes from robot to futuristic truck and back! Includes his Targetmaster partner, rifle, and alternate chest plates/windshield plates for robot mode!

Other figures shown for size/scale only and are not included.

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Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Fans Toys FT-22 Koot by Fans Toys

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Fans Toys FT-22 Koot
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Customer Reviews

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November 03, 2017

""Fix me""

I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of this figure, and have never been let down by Fans Toys in the past. First time for everything.

The figure looks great and is solid through and through. His alt mode is sharp looking and solid as well, everything locking into place. The paint job is superb, and the details are fantastic. When you look at this guy, he is Kup.

The problem lies with his transformation. There are too many times where there isn't enough room to move pieces around, and you have to force things around each other in order to get them to go where they need to. We kind of saw that with Willis (Hound) but boy howdy, is it a problem here. After switching him a few time, a method is there to make it...easier, but you still are flexing parts that shouldn't be flexed, and one should be careful of breakage. This may have been fixed had there been a bit more clearance in the inner backpack area during transformation, as it is mostly the very limited space that makes things difficult.

So, great figure, great alt mode, great paint and detail, hard transformation. If you get this guy and transform him, be slow and patient with the old guy.

November 10, 2017
Lord megatron

"Awesome kup"

The quality on this guy is top shelf totally recommended

November 13, 2017

"An excellent figure!!! "

I really want to give this figure a 5, but I understand that there are some areas in the transformation from bot to vehicle where there's not enough space to move panels into place and you just have to be extra careful not to add stress to any areas as you move these problem panels past each other, but once everything is in place, the vehicle mode is superb!!! Overall I really like this figure and the face is absolutely Kup, so much so you expect him to lecture you and tell you how it was back in his day. I recommend totally this figure, but caution to be patient with the transformation with old timer.

December 09, 2017

"Almost a Great Figure"

First off, this is definitely a must have figure even with its flaws. The figure has heft to it and nice die cast. Things tab in securely and this figure has great play value.

The only negative with this figure is the transformation. There is one part of the transformation where there is clearance issue to the point where you are bending pieces to pass them. Personally, the plastic is so well made that I do not worry about it breaking, but it is something to note and something that should not have happened.

December 24, 2017

"This figure will test your patience"

Transformation can be very challenging due to moving parts that won't budge easily and poor instructions that will likely make you resort to flexing things around by brute force.
Took me hours to get a clean vehicle mode with no panel gaps. The reward is a very accurate looking bot and alt mode.

July 01, 2018
Byron Dennis

"Just got him"

I just order this guy for my bday o. June 29th and I'm so eager to recv him. I've been wanting him for a while. It's time to take him off the list but I do hope that the issues are resolved in transforming him but most likely he will stay in robot mode for all time cause that's how my display is setup. I have the old G1 version that will sit by his side to compare but so can't wait to get him.

July 11, 2018
Timothy Lee

"I dont buy Transformers, but when i do their G1's"

So I was always a huge fan of Kup since the 86 movie release. When i first seen the shots of this figure, it was a must have. This figure is AMAZING and Fans Toys nailed it without doubt. The look of this figure is so well done and all of the joints feel/move outstanding. I heard more than once that its scary to transform from vehicle to robot. I mainly was mainly keeping him in robot form. Either way i love the figure and it does have diecast metal in it.

July 22, 2018

"Kupp 3rd party wow!"

Great looking; glad I chose this and not the make toys verson.

August 11, 2018
Ronald Rainey

"5 star but minus 1 for transformation"

Amazing figure. Solid and durble feeling. Great poseability. Robot mode is spot on.Some have complained about the size of his 'backpack' but honestly its minor and not an issue. If anything it enhances the "soldier" look he has. Vehicle mode also awesome.The issue is the transformation, its a pain in the butt and requires multiple areas where pieces need to bend past other pieces. It is finicky and not a fun transform. But both modes are amazing. Recommended

November 17, 2018

"Looks great, some transformation challenge, and no regrets"

Kup was one favorite Transformers from THE move. This figure is a great representation of him, with some IDW thrown in with the cigar. He's a bit of a bear to transform into his alt mode, but nothing too difficult after the first transformation; after one transformation, frustrations subside. I didn't like the shoving of the front wheels over the side skirts, like others have noted, but it doesn't feel risky. I like challenging transformations, and found his fun.

November 28, 2018
Max Primal


Very underwhelming. Green and teal. Like FT Dracula, it is boring. Lack of design and detail just leaves this an underwhelming piece. There is a delicate balance to finding G1 goodness and contemporary design. FT drops the ball every time. They settle for simple and bland vs innovation.

January 08, 2019

"Complex, but good"

I love complex transformations, so this is just up my ally. One thing I notice most people overlook is that there are panels on his abdomen under the windshield that flip over so you can have an autoboot symbol there (cut in half) but then they can be rotated out of sight for vehicle mode (where it would be split by the windshield insert). I think this is very smart. Well done.

January 17, 2019

"Awesome "

Bigger and heavier than I expected, I can't be more pleased with the quality of koot and a perfect representation of the 86 movie cast! Also very pleased with the packing care taken for shipping from tfsource!

February 17, 2019
Epykk Dyzastur

"Best Kup there is!"

Amazing figure and fast shipping with quality packaging from TF Source!

February 25, 2019

"Patience when transforming"

This is an awesome toy. It looks just like the movie kup and has a good quality of material in it. It doesn't look cheap. It took me a little over an hour to figure out how to transform, and it can be difficult at first. It was easier to transform the second time, then it was fun to transform the third time. Great toy, not for children; especially, impatient ones.

September 06, 2019

"The best Kup you can get at this time!"

I bought this simply because Kup was one of my favorite characters when I was a kid. I really liked the weight that it had to it, out of the box. I usually transform my figures at least once so that I can say I did it but after looking at many reviews of this character, I decided not to so it's a good thing he can go right on the shelf out of the box. I don't have it displayed with any of his weapons as the elbows on mine are a little loose so they droop a lot more than usual when holding a weapon in his hand.

October 02, 2019

"Great Figure, Difficult transformation"

This figure in robot mode is gorgeous. He is the spitting image of the robot he is meant to represent. His proportions are great, and the tactile feel is fantastic. All joints are nice and stiff, and the die cast is fantastically produced and located (on the feet, as it should be).
The quality of this figure is stellar. There are no loose connections or joints. Every part fits together just as they should, and nothing feels like its anything put toleranced to perfection.
The transformation though is something else. It is complicated and in a few situations, it is extremely difficult and in one case impossible to avoid forcing parts past each other.
The alt mode is also gorgeous. Everything in that mode fits together perfectly as well. Just getting there is a bit of a pain
The targetmaster that comes with him is also looks great. His gun mode also looks good.
Overall, this figure is great. If you are a fan of the character, or are a fan of the 86' movie, this figure is a great choice.

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