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Fansproject - Warbot - WB0004 Revolver by FansProject

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Fansproject - Warbot - WB0004 Revolver
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Fansproject - Warbot - WB0004 Revolver

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Customer Reviews

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March 03, 2014
Eric Peterson

"Another FansProject Masterpiece!"

Just a good word on the FAST shipping from TFsource, I wasn't even expecting this to arrive yet since I hadn't gotten a shipping notice so this was a nice surprise for me!


FansProject has done it again with Revolver Core. This guy comes in the traditional WB packaging with a nice plastic sleeve and everything is very secure. The packaging gets 5 stars!

Revolver Core has a great robot mode! The colors are great, lots of articulation, the posability is fantastic. Revolver Core can obtain a lot of cool poses due to his double-jointed knees and feet. The feet themselves rotate and leave the heel in place so even with the legs spread far apart he doesn't feel like he's going to fall. His weapons are able to combine, go on his shoulders, and the pistols can be stored on the back.
Robot Mode gets 5 Stars!


The transformation was pretty easy but it obtains so much from it. The vehicle mode is creative genius at work. I love this armored jeep. The two pistols combine to form the front bumper and the laser rifle and cannon form rear-mounted guns ans they have a few different options for placement. And his core buddy can fit inside the driver seat with no issue. The only flaw with it is I wish the back treads had a wheel inside them as to prevent the paint from scruffing on a flat surface (not that mine has, of course). Other than that, this vehicle is great! It gets 4 stars!

Overall, FansProject is making a great team of wreckers for everyone to collect. The next two Warbots are going to have upgrades for Revolver Core's robot/vehicle modes so those are a tempting purchase. If you want the best Roadbuster on the market, go with FansProject!

August 21, 2014


Fansproject has yet another great transformer; the joints are just right considering all the rotating around you have to do. the weapons are interchangable and there is what i call the "hidden feature". All will say is you might be suprised how the chest is used in the transformation! The only reason i did not give it 5 stars is because the dang back wheels dont roll but the front ones do! REALLY! How did they let that one slip by? But please DO NOT let that minor flaw stop you from getting this one because its great otherwise

October 17, 2014


Appearance as Robot: 4.0
Appearance as Vehicle: 6.0 ( extra 1.0 becasue this is too damn cool )
Articulation: 4.5
Transform Complexity: 5.0
Material/Chrome: 4.0
Mold Precision: 4.5

Overall Rank as a collection: 4.8

Fantastic action figure.
Much better than WB000 WB001 WB002
FPJ is making progress.

You need to purchase WB005 & 006 to get the complete addons on this armoured car.
But the robot of 005 & 006 are as sanme as 004. Same mold, different color(green).
I'd rather this figure price at 120 USD and has all the add-ons.

This remind me of MP13B and KFC's Mugan & Badbat.
Please stop doing that...~~~

March 30, 2015
David Acevedo

"Best Roadbuster out there."

This is an awesome figure, from the quality of it's plastic (Never felt like it would break upon transformation or posing... or play), the articulation, the paint job, to it's fine engineering, this bot is amazing, transformation is fun and not overly complicated (the bane of many 3rd party figures) and it caters not only to us Transformers fans, but also to Dorvack fans alike! It's a pity that the back treads don't roll, but please, don't let that stop you from buying him if you're planning on getting this figure.

April 11, 2015
M Bashir

"Spectacular "

Design: superb
Articulation: smooth and expressive
Plastic quality: could have been much better
Joints: some areas would have been much more preferable with rathched joints to hold some poses or the guns, as they can't hold the weight
Gun placements: needed to be adapted by widening gaps or customzing weapons, to hold guns in hands or back

October 10, 2015
P Delly

"Needs armor cuirass."

Pros: Has a really solid car mode. The transformation feels good and everything pegs into place quite nicely. I really like the modular weapons. There's a lot of room for customization, and a lot of pegs to place weapons. It's mostly a great figure.

Cons: Everyone says this, but the lack of body armor and the need to purchase two additional figures to make him seem like a traditional Roadbuster is a little excessive. So, judging the figure by its own merits, its hands are a little too small and it lacks the bulk necessary to make him stand out.

January 23, 2018

"unbeatable quality"

I am very happy with this product, it is one of the best quality figures I have bought

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