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Diesel is the fifth combiner that when merged together forms the mighty gestalt Intimidator! With all five causality figures joined, Intimidator is ready to take on any bot army. Note: Other 4 Causality figures sold separately.

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CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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Fansproject - Causality CA-13 Diesel & M3 Crossfire Set by FansProject

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Fansproject - Causality CA-13 Diesel & M3 Crossfire Set
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Fansproject - Causality CA-13 Diesel & M3 Crossfire Set

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Customer Reviews

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January 22, 2014

"Full tilt awesome"

While the release of this piece was delayed... the end result is simply beautiful. I can't go into enough commentary about how solid & well proportioned it is compared to the Has/Tak figures. Properly scaled for display with deluxe scale figures. A solid & VERY well designed investment for serious collectors

January 22, 2014
Matt Bixler

"Hit Like a Truck"

So, after the long wait, Diesel is out, to finish the set. First, I want to say that he looks pretty dang good, especially compared to his G1 counterpart, but he made me so angry in several moments. He is a colossal pain to transform, in certain steps, and his book is vague. I might never get him back into truck mode again.

Onto his combiner form. Again, they can be a bit hard to stack up. Once together, they look great, but getting there is tough, for me. Intimidator doesn't stand as well combined, gets a bit top heavy. Still, having ratchet joints helps greatly.

All in all, I'm still glad I got him, he looks awesome, and I hope everyone else enjoys him, too. A nice end result for him and the others.

January 23, 2014

"Frustrating and Scary Transforming Robot!"

There is a lot of engineering that went into this piece; however, that is probably one of the major drawbacks as well. The transformation is very frustrating and scary as well (especially the joints at the waist and the joints in the cab which form his feet in bot mode or his upper thigh in combined mode).
For a complex transformation the instructions are sometimes very vague and even leave some steps out at times. It's unfortunate, because I would like to display him and the other pieces in alt mode from time to time, but I doubt I will simply because of the transformation.
With that said, when combined M3 is very nice and quite detailed. Every single piece stores and has a place. He is quite poseable with a ton of articulation. I didn't have any problems getting him in all kind of cool poses. My one gripe with his appearance is, imo, his legs a little too long with throws the proportions out a little bit. Less upper thigh would have been nice.
This is a good collector figure and deffinately worth your time if you have the whole team or are a huge fan of this character. When transforming just be prepared to take your time, pop a zanex and try to stay calm.

January 26, 2014
John Lant

"Beautiful and Frustrating!"

This is a beautiful figure, however the transformation is terrifying and each twist and turn made me feel like I was going to break the figure. The directions are useless and had to pull up a youtube video to figure out the transformation. 2 hours later I finally got him into Robot mode. The Stunticons will display on my shelf as individual robots and never be transformed again. If you want to go back and forth between the alt modes and obots you are better off withj 2 sets of each. But the final look here is stunning!

January 27, 2014
Lo Cooper

"The name Diesel is well earned"

This pushes the scale of engineered perfection. I just used Peaugh's video for the transformation however I took it easy transforming him, unfortunately it has some stress marks on it on the right foot.
Overall Diesel is fine. In combine mode, its Menasor when you look at him. I am more impressed on the symmetry of MP3, very close to an in shape person. I believe they had this mine when they made this. Also all the connector pieces are locks, that's good. The only bad thing the thigh chaps don't stay when you move the legs for posing.
Very pose-able I have taken over 100 shots already...Fans-project has done it

March 14, 2014
Steven Roberts

"Decepticon Through and through"

One of the coolest TF's out there and as a combiner the overall effect for display is awesome. Alas Diesel's transformation is just too hard, difficult and rarely fun. I simply will never be able to transform Him back into vehicle mode again. So many twists and turns and the directions are useless. To transform, I had to follow a YouTube Video, and that expert was struggling, sometimes in coherently! What an epic battle as He'sDecepticon through and through. If you want to play, not just display.... You'll have to buy two. :/

January 18, 2015


Before I ever got the transformer I spent a month watching the video on youtube. When I finally ordered him I spent the first day on the trailer portion of him; learning his attachments and extra pieces. The next day I learned the robot portion; I transformed a portion then transformed that portion back then did it again to help my memory. Diesel IS NOT FOR CHILDREN; nor for beginners in this hobby. This is the best engineered transformer I've gotten to date! Everything tabs in securely and the plastic is of great quality. The instructions are ok if you like pictures but for the 1st few transformations I would recommend you watch the video. I've never seen a transformer that utilized all pieces in transformation; the hands, feet, sword, etc. are all stored in diesel and can be used as additional weapons in robot mode. Enjoy the transformations and remember to take it SLOW

February 23, 2018
Angel Rivera

"Awesome and quick "

This came very quick, the figure looks better then what I expected.
The customer service was 👍🏽👍🏽 I will most definitely buy here again!!

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