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DNA Design - DK-07 - Predaking Upgrade kit by DNA Design is the ultimate add-on kit for Power of the Primes POTP Predaking Set! Features a new set of wings and hands for predaking, as well as the wing attachment parts to mount the new wings to the combined form of predaking as well as to attach to divebomb. Also includes an additional set of weaponry for all 5 bots. Best of all individual weaponry combines together to form Predaking Master Sword! Made of PVC, POM and ABS. Predaking Figure sold separately.

Set Includes:
- 2 x Predaking Wings
- 1 x Wing Attachment
- 4 x Individual Bot Swords
- 1 x Individual Bot Hammer
- Individual Swords Combine to Form Predaking Master Sword
- First Run Bonus Parts!

  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case
Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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DNA Design - DK-07 - Predaking Upgrade Kit by DNA Design

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February 13, 2019
Mr Lemming

"King your 'King"

The first upgrade kit I've ever bought, this has definitely left me with a craving for a few other figures' kits too (hello POTP Abominus...). Colors match the figures beautifully. And despite not being quite as bulky as the rocket pod in another kit, the tail-spine is a vast improvement over vanilla.

The hands are light years beyond the original hands with full articulation and hidden spiked knuckle dusters. His wings are at least twice as long, and the little first run 'guns' for his midriff actually do a good job filling him in a bit. Honestly this is an amazing kit for your Predaking if you're feeling he could use a tuneup.

February 13, 2019

"Excellent Upgrade!"

Probably the BEST Upgrade I’ve purchased so far! The instructions were visible and clear, assembly was easy, and there are even parts to improve the joint movement in each of the limb figures! The wings are a lot bigger than what the pictures eluded to! And that sword is beautiful! Only downside was the hilt was too loose to stay attached to the main sword. But I glued it in, I don’t plan on breaking the sword down. A great set altogether!

February 13, 2019

"The hands, man, the hands!"

So I just got this today here are my thoughts:

The wings. Way too big. Too big in combined mode, and WAY too big in bot/bird modes. It's a shame because of the nice shiny articulated feathers, but they're back in the box to stay.

The midriff guns - meh. Weren't really necessary, the lightbub torso suits him. Useless in the non-combined modes. May use them, may not.

The spine - the same. The torso holds together fine without it, and Razorclaw's legs do a good enough job of filling in the back. Actively hurts the other modes if kept on - but pulls off easily to set aside. May us it; may not.

The shoulder fix pieces. Pretty good! Easy enough installation, and they seem to tighten up the shoulder joints just enough to hold up that massive sword. Speaking of which...

The sword. So close! It's awesome in every way except the little hilt pieces are useless in other modes and, sigh, the blade splits when assembled. Left and right halves are pushed apart, presumably by the lower blades' handle angles. It splits just a little, but enough to make it look like scissors. Could really use a 1/8th inch thick fixer piece between the top and bottom of the blade to hold things together. Currently I have it taped.

The hands. The hands! THE HANDS!! They're things of beauty. Nearly worth the whole price of the set by themselves, the detail and design are perfect. And with those fold away 'knuckle dusters' they still store/integrate with all modes just like the originals did. They're everything you could possibly want. (Okay all the fingers are the same length but still. They're excellent!)

Final assessment? The hands, man. The hands! Forget the rest, buy it for the hands! (Okay the sword's good too.)

February 16, 2019

"Great Subtle and Critical Upgrades"

After getting Devastator's awesome upgrade kit by DNA I had to grab this one the moment it was in stock.

SPINE - If you move your figures a lot you know the safest way to carry it is by the torso. The problem with predaking is those sideflaps just cave right in to any pressure applied. The tail spine fixes that by easily popping in a back hole and immediately stabilizes those torso flaps.

BODY GUNS - these add some extra grip and bulk to that weak torso area. PSA put these on first before putting in the tail spine.

WINGS - the wings are 70% bigger than the original. They look way more proportional than the old chicken wings he had. Two issues I notice is one side doesn't have a noticeable click when closed and you have to buy extra decepticon decals if you want the logos on the wings.

HANDS - great sturdy articulated hands with optional knuckle dusters. when covered they have the same form factor as the old hands so they can still store in the feet.

SWORD - ABSOLUTE UNIT. the extra hilt bits do get in the way of the wrist though. you can store it behind his back though.

Overall, a lot of great additions turning predaking into a predagod.

February 18, 2019

"Awesome upgrade "

This upgrade was awesome. Prèdáking looks more like what I remember

February 19, 2019

"This upgrade had everything you could hope for."

I was incredibly pleased with this upgrade kit; which only served to add to my disappointment with the Abominus upgrade I received at the same time.

-The hip guns bulk up his waist and give you something more to grab hold of when moving and posing him. If you can snag a 1st production run of this set, I recommend you do or you will miss out on these parts.

-The hands are some of the best upgrade kit hands I've seen for any figure; they improve upon the original hands immensely. The extensive finger articulation options and the ease of installation are the primary highlights of the new hands. The hands also conveniently store in the foot parts, like the originals did.

-The kit includes an upgrade, for Predaking's shoulders, which install into Rampage and Divebomb's connection modules. The upgrade improves the ability to pose the arms and adds extra support when making him hold heavier objects with those fancy new hands. These parts are easy to install, but you will need a small phillips screwdriver; If you're modding your figures and you don't have a precision screwdriver set you have no right to complain about the kit not including tools...seriously, no excuses, you can get an adequate precision screwdriver set for like $7 at Wal-Mart.

-The spine upgrade is great for filling in that big empty void in the back, and it adds stability to the torso by securing those fold-out flaps. (Install your hip cannons first if you got a first run kit that includes them.)

-The wings are awesome; they work well with both Predaking and Divebomb's alt-mode. They are huge compared to the original wings and have more character and articulation than the originals. You will need to purchase separate logo decals for the new wings, as the kit does no include any. (I highly recommend the Reprolabels decal sets if you haven't applied your stock decals yet.)

-The sword was my favorite part about this upgrade kit; it works great with the included shoulder upgrades to support it's weight, and I haven't experienced any issues with the extra crossguard parts on the hilt like others have mentioned. The fact that the sword disassembles into smaller components for the uncombined Predacons is just icing on the cake (the good kind that you don't scrape off).

February 22, 2019

"Great set"

The hands and sword are enough reason to get this set, however the little things put this set over the top as a very good investment. The little yellow hip guns and the spine fill in the empty spaces on Predaking's side and back very nicely.

February 22, 2019
Caelus Prime

"Titanic Improvement"

I've become accustomed to upgrade kits making okayish figures look 100x better, but this kit goes beyond that, also having a huge impact on the toy's play value.

The fingers on the hands are more articulated than I realized, the knuckle spikes are awesome, the wings are fun to pose, and the hip guns really improve the aesthetic balance of his proportions. Most of all. what stunned me is that they feel as durable as main-line action figures. I expected a certain fragility like what you expect from Masterpiece figures, but the hands are incredibly robust, made of strong plastic with metal pins rather than friction joints.

Unlike the Volcanicus add-on kit, I didn't find any tolerance issues - everything fits together securely without stretching the original parts, though I haven't yet attempted to swap out the ratchet joints on the shoulders using the included parts.

The sword is very cool looking, and despite its size (my) Predaking can hold it up fairly well without the replacement shoulder ratchets. I may do the parts swap at some point if the joint starts to loosen, but will probably only bother with one shoulder, as that's all I see being necessary.

Re: the scissoring another reviewer mentioned with the sword - mine fit together smoothly until I posed Predaking with the blade's tip on the ground. The weight of the sword is enough to cause it spread at the tip when posed that way.

March 19, 2019

"Nice improvement. 1 minor problem"

The set is great. The hands are awesome, and the sword is great as well. It poses nice and has good heft to it. The tail for Razorclaw is a nice touch and the widening of the hips with the additional pieces are great. One issue I had was with the wings. The right wing would not clip in for anything I could do and stay. When I finally got it to clip in the clip broke off of the wing that attaches to the original yellow frame. It is disappointing but not a major killer, but for the price I would expect the tolerances to be a bit better. I have the DNA for Volcanicus and Abominus and this kit is a great upgrade. The other two I had no issues with; this one, the clip. Other than that I would give 5 stars, but I had to take 1 star off because it broke when trying to clip it in as it I supposed to be right out of the box.

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