ToySource Codes

The TOYSOURCE is pleased to announce the introduction of The TOYSOURCE Codes. The TOYSOURCE Codes are individual item codes that will be assigned to each item we stock on our site, as well as inventory in our system. The codes are logical, but also allow you to easily keep track of your purchases, and which items you have and don’t have in your collection.

Below is an example of how you can use The TOYSOURCE codes as a checklist to keep track of your collecting!

Masterpiece Series
ToySource Code Item Description Manufacturer
MP01OPTI MP-01 Masterpiece Optimus Prime Takara/Tomy
MP02ULTR MP-02 Ultra Magnus Takara/Tomy
MP03STSC MP-03 Masterpiece Starscream Takara/Tomy
MP04PRIM MP-04 Masterpiece Optimus Prime Perfect Edition Takara/Tomy
MP05MEGA MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron Takara/Tomy
MP06SKYW MP-06 Masterpiece Skywarp Takara/Tomy
MP07THUND MP-07 Masterpiece Skywarp Takara/Tomy
MP05AKIT MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron Accessory Kit Justitoys
MPOPTRAI MP-OP Trailer Justitoys
Encore Series
ToySource Code Item Description Manufacturer
EN01PRIM #01 Encore Optimus Prime Takara/Tomy
EN02MEGA #02 Encore Megatron Takara/Tomy
EN03SOUN #03 Encore Soundwave Takara/Tomy
EN04STAR #04 Encore Starscream Takara/Tomy
EN05IRON #05 Encore Ironhide Takara/Tomy
EN06RATC #06 Encore Ratchet Takara/Tomy
EN07SKYL #07 Encore Sky Lynx Takara/Tomy
EN08JAZZ #08 Encore Jazz Takara/Tomy
EN09OMEG #09 Encore Omega Supreme Takara/Tomy
EN10MINI #10 Encore Minibots Set Takara/Tomy
EN11SKTH #11 Encore Skywarp & Thundercracker Set Takara/Tomy
EN12MPLX #12 Encore Metroplex Takara/Tomy

Note: TOYSOURCE Codes may occasionally change, based on manufacturer release date, and figure changes.