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About Us

TOYSOURCE – Why go to the store when you can go to the source?

The TOYSOURCE is an online site specializing in collectible toy lines. We started out in 2000 as collectors, and were known for our expertise and contributed many articles on the G1 toy line to magazines such as Toyfare, and several well-known online toy sites. From there we took our expertise as collectors and have applied that knowledge to how we run our business, successfully serving the collectible toy community since 2003.


We offer great value to our customers.
TOYSOURCE was founded on core values of competitive pricing, phenomenal service, prompt shipping, and fun. We not only deliver great value to our end customer, but we also love what we do.

We pack each shipment very well.
Our packing and shipping is the best in the industry, period. Our bullet-proof packaging ensures that each toy you purchase when shipped is very secure for transit domestically, or internationally.

We are very strict at how we grade our boxes and toys.
When you order from us you can ensure that each order will be filled with a high level of integrity when we select a box grade to fill your order.

We are the toy specialists.
A wealth of knowledge on everything from vintage toys, to current day collectibles is held by our entire team. This knowledge is spread throughout our site and contributed to the fandom.

We are happy to deal with international customers.
Over the years some of our best customers come from outside the US. We have a great relationship with many collectors around the world and are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of international shipments.

We are committed to satisfying our customers.
We have tens of thousands of current customers all around the world, relying on The TOYSOURCE to supply their collectible toy needs! Our reputation is known throughout the fandom and we continue to strive to improve our overall customer experience when dealing with The TOYSOURCE.

If you have never tried The TOYSOURCE before, we welcome the opportunity to do business and to our many satisfied customers we thank you for your years of support allowing us to be a part of this great fandom.



Curt & the TOYSOURCE Team

Curt & the ToySource Team