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Masterpiece Optimus Prime includes an all new mold/rendition of Masterpiece Optimus Prime, including for the very first time a Spike figure and roller! Truly a Masterpiece, this piece also includes amazing packaging and is a must have item for any Transformers fan.

Note: This is the second edition of MP-10 and this version will include a figure display stand as shown. First editions do not include this stand.

  • MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
  • Case Fresh from a Factory Sealed Case

Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
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MP-10 - Masterpiece Optimus Prime - Second Edition with Stand by Takara/Tomy

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MP-10 - Masterpiece Optimus Prime - Second Edition with Stand
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MP-10 - Masterpiece Optimus Prime - Second Edition with Stand

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Customer Reviews

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October 01, 2011
rodolf malibiran


***** OUTSTANDING *10*.!!!! Its about time they took time and did it RIGHT.!!! Its
accurate to G1 era!!! Yes its not big as the 1st mp prime or has some die cast
metal etc.!! If you are a TRUE fan of g1 like me.!! You'll love it.!!!! I hope
with the next MP takara/tomy take their time in making MP's accurate.!!!! thanks
TFsource team I love you!!!! U-ROCK
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October 06, 2011

"This is Optimus Prime. Period."

Did not expect Takara to re-design MP Optimus Prime but THIS IS THE ONE Transformer to collect. More poseable than MP-01/04 version, this piece has deserved the name MASTERPIECE. Optimus Prime has become a perfect replica of the anime CONVOY in Japan. His gun can fold and stored in his back (neat!). Matrix of Leadership can be removed from his chest. Transformation of robot to truck is a challenge at first, so look at the illustrations in the manual very carefully. The truck mode is better looking with the sliding smokestacks and side mirrors. Wheels (rubber) are concealed in this hips and legs. Spike figure can be placed inside the cab/roller and trailer base. Overall, I recommend getting this version. Wish Takara will redo Megatron.

October 09, 2011

"TFSource is superb!"

I would like to say that TFSource has done a wonderful job securing the package and ship it really fast internationally! The condition is A+++!! MP-10 is although smaller than MP-04 but way more detailed and finely tuned than his predecessor. The quality is superb and sealed in a tight transparent plastic inside the box. Overall, wonderful release by Takara and a must display toy for every TF Fan out there.

October 10, 2011
Michael Siciliano

"MegaTfmans thaughts of MP 10"

The ultimate Optimus Prime figure out there, and if your on the fence about this get off now, for this great figure and its a true Masterpeice!!!

October 11, 2011

"Optimus Prime returns and never looked better. Do not miss out on this."

I owned 4 mp-01 and 2 mp-04 Optimus Prime, yeah that was how much I adored that toy...until this. At first I was skeptical of mp-10 because his legs looked kind of stubby and weird in the promo photos, but it only Looked that way in those photos (and the crappy poses they put him in didn't help), he was MUCH better looking in person! The re-imagined honorable Autobot leader looked modern, slick and streamlined like those cool Japanese Anime Robots, and he was more posable and balanced than any other Prime(helped immensely by including diecast only in the spine and feet). Mp-10 was about 10'' tall, about 2'' shorter than mp-01, in scale with the classics, encores and movie deluxes. His alt mode was absolutely gorgeous. Compared to mp-01 his truck mode had angled smoke stacks, bigger gas tanks, side view mirrors, squared headlights, and perfectly aligned cab front. He nearly looked like a scaled model of an actual Kenworth semi, only the slightly bulky back side ruined the perfection. The transformation on this guy was intuitive and easy to remember, there weren't any flimsy parts like in mp Megatron and Rodimus, He actually felt more sturdy than mp-01 and easier to transform. MP-10 had clean high quality paint apps complete with chrome, and his insides were painted black, which blocked lights from passing through and made the plastic look more solid.

All in all a G1 Prime fan's dream come true, surpassing MP-01 as the best Optimus Prime/Convoy figure so far in my opinion. Don't miss out on it even if you own the mp-01 mold.

October 22, 2011

"This is the best optimus prime ever made to date!!!"

pictures dont do mp 10 justice, i have had mp 1 and mp 4 primes and yes they were the best primes ever made until now. he transforms similar to mp 1, yes he is mostly plastic except for his spine and feet and the matrix is also metal/plastic but this means no paint chipping like mp 1 and lets face it mp 1 is just to big and heavy. mp 10 is the same height as mp rodimus, but in my opinion much better quality and design. mp 10 is more detailed and posable then mp 1 more like a model less like a toy my only real complaints i wish the matrix did still light up and if his bumper could rotate like mp 1 so it wouldnt be visable through his windows in robot mode and his gun should be a little bigger the fact that it folds and stores in his back to me is just a gimmick i could care less about as far as his trailer goes its better then mp 4 inside and out and its cool to get roller this time

January 25, 2012
daniel k


I am really pleased with MP-10. I had MP-04, and I think MP-10 is a bit better. Yes, the first one had die-cast, and was a lot bigger. However, I think MP-10 really captures the G1 cartoon Optimus Prime. It is a great addition to my collection. I will say that I thought it looks better in person, as compared to seeing it in pictures. If you have the money, I say go ahead and purchase MP-10. Well worth the investment.

February 22, 2012
Andrew T

"TFScource...Don't bother with any other company!!"

This is more a review on the awesome job TFSource does more than Optimus here, who everyone can agree is all kinds of Awesome. I tried getting this item through a company off ebay. After 5 days of no notice, I inquired with them and received a reply regarding a TOTALLY DIFFERENT item. Meanwhile I decide to go through my actual trusted source, TFSource, and bingo, got the confirmation 10 seconds after order and IT WAS CHEAPER even with shipping. So thanks again TFSource, I've learned my lesson and will ALWAYS come here first!

May 11, 2012


Every other reviewer has already given this Transformer the justice it deserves. It raises the bar and lets face is the perfect character to flaunt what you got.
Being a Perfectionist myself I like to be REALLLLLYYYYY picky about what should and shouldn´t be classed a masterpiece, MP 1....meh too blocky.....MP4.....PERFECT? you people make me sick... but this figure is amazing. Its transformation from Truck to Robot and back is smooth...the articulation is better than anything you could hope for and even when picking the truck up and looking at it from every doesn´t look like it was ever intended to transform. If your fat and or poor (maybe like me) MP10 is worth a month without grocery shopping and a nagging spouse. If you are all hot and rich and reading porbably know a large transformers fan who could do with this figure.


May 17, 2012
steve smith

"Over hyped."

I cant believe all the hype this figure is generating. Some are saying this is the greatest MP figure ever, really? It beats MP-01, really? Unlike MP-01 this toy does not have hardly any diecast, dont have any light up features and detail like working pistons ect has been left out. Plus its smaller then MP-01. And they call this a MP? It fits in more with the Generations line then the MP line. Its one big expensive toy and not worth the price.

June 19, 2012

"The Quintessential Prime"

I was on the fence about ordering MP-10 since it was released. I'd already had an MP-04S and it WAS my favorite figure. Once I broke and got MP-10, I immediately had a new favorite. This version of Prime is the best I'd seen. I can praise this figure enough. If you've been on the fence about this one, get off and get it. This is Prime done perfectly right!

October 31, 2012
masterpiece tafo

"MP gold"

This is a great figure. Color is 4/5, i wish the thighs were chrome/sliver. Great posability, 5/5. The cab mode do look much better than previous MP Primes. One of my shoulder joints is a little loose over all I rate this figure at 4.5 I know TFsouce u can only rate at 4 or 5, so i'd like to split difference.

January 25, 2014

"Great figure but where's the diecast?"

Face it. You'd be lucky to find MP-10 or the Hasbro version anywhere for less that $280. Unless you want the less expensive YOTH Optimus Prime to be the definitive Prime of your Masterpiece collection, then by all means pass on this figure since you will end up scrutinizing every tiny detail knowing that you spent $300 for a figure that should have zero flaws...

That being said, thank you TFsource for sending me a replacement head.

February 05, 2015
Jared Barnes

"I am Optimus Prime!"

Excellent Optimus Prime! I can't express how awesome this figure is. I felt like it was 1984 and 11 years old again. It is a great redesign on the MP-1 Prime ( I did enjoy that one as well ) Paint is great, poses great, tight joints, character accuracy is second to none. All in all, best Masterpiece of my collection.

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