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The latest creation from Mastermind Creations is R-03 Bovis! Combines with the other 4 FERAL CONS to form the awesome FERAL REX! Stands 7.25" (18.4cm) from feet to head! Gestalt is 32cm (12.6") tall (roughly the same height as Hercules) from feet to head exclusive of kibble.

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Warning WARNING:
CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 16 years.
ToySourcecode: R03BOVIS/76A

Reformatted - R-03 - Bovis the Supply Specialist - Reissue by Mastermind Creations

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September 29, 2013
Jackie Joyride

"THE King"

For all those on the fence in regards to which version of the obscenely over-saturated market of not-PredaKings, allow me to help: This SINGLE figure is larger, more articulate, composed of higher quality material and needs no QC correction. If the rest of this line follows suit, FERAL REX is THE KING amongst many imitations (TFC, my prior weapons of choice, included) This product is supreme

October 07, 2013
Mattia Negrello


Guys, this figure is an absolute must-have!! Very good quality plastic, very solid and very high posability. I can certainly say that the overall quality of this guy here is superior to that of any takara masterpiece. In beast mode, with all its weaponary, this thing is really impressive. Thank you to TFsource for excellent packiging (as always). ciao

October 15, 2013

"Made the right choice"

I was debating between going cheaper for the TFC version, but ended up going with MMC version. The craftsmanship was awesome, quality at its best. My only bad points were that the bull looked a bit stumpy. I normally imagine a bull with broad shoulders, but this one looked like it had a fat butt instead. I also would've liked it if they were a bit more creative with the hind legs on the beast-mode. It just kind of turns into calf rocket launchers.

I really enjoyed this figure despite it all, and I can't wait for the release of the remaining 4.

November 13, 2013


A client sent me a Bovis to customize. When I first got the figure I was so impressed by the engineering and QUALITY that I bought one for myself and now have the rest of available Feral Rex set on pre-order.
What makes this figure so good to me is the size, paint applications, accessories, engineering, and materials used.
The Figure is size is between Voyager and Masterpiece. The plastic is a very high grade and very durable. The figure looks great without custom paint. The Weapons are well done with great factory paint apps, and the combined mode Hand and Foot that comes with this figure really gives an idea how massive Feral Rex will be. Engineering is well done, transformation is very seamless and intuitive.
In the end, I really feel like I got what I paid for and after this experience and my experience with Hexatron I really feel MMC is one of the best Third Party Figure companies now.

December 16, 2013

"A Fantastic Piece!"

Bovis is my 5th 3rd party figure (after the FP Causality cars) but it was the look of the Feral Rex team that convinced me to get into the 3rd party game. When I received Bovis and opened him up, I hadn't even handled him yet and I was impressed. This figure is an absolute masterpiece! He feels solid in hand and the plastic feels like high quality stuff. The ratchets on him are solid and have that lovely clicking noise to them. He is so great that he is a lot better quality than a number of Hasbro figures I own. He is definitely on par with my Masterpiece Soundwave in terms of quality. I received mine after TFSource restocked them and I have not yet experienced any issues with his crotch plate or his elbow. Upon closer inspection it looked like there was lube on many of the joints which I have heard is a great fix for the elbow issue. Whether that is conventional practice or MMC attempting to fix the issue, I'm not sure. To wrap this up I would most definitely recommend this figure to anyone. I am now a follower of MMC and am looking forward to the rest of his team.

January 06, 2014
Lo Cooper


Mastermind Creation live up to their name don't they. This is the most well put together figure I have ever handled
Good: No kibble, very cohesive and poseable. MMC has raised the bar this time

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