MP-24 Masterpiece Star Saber - Now instock!

The Masterpiece fans choice figure Supreme Commander Star Saber is now instock! Order yours at TheToySource & get FREE US/Discounted international shipping! SHOP NOW

DX9 Toys - D06 Carry - Preorder up!

Figure is approximately 24CM/9.5" tall and is Masterpiece scaled! Features: Metal feet, rubber tires and plating on the pipes. Preorder yours today at theToySource! SHOP NOW

New Acid Rain Figures - Up for preorder!

We've added the new Acid Rain figure lineup to the site, as well as all of the main series. Preorder yours at theToySource today! SHOP NOW

New Bandai Tamashii Preorders Up at theToySource!

New Metal build Gundam, Robot Spirits, Frozen, Armored Girls, Kinnikuman Hello Kitty and More! Check them out on theToySource and preorder yours today! SHOP NOW

Now up for preorder MP-25 Tracks!

At long last the highly anticipated MP-25 figure has been revealed! Features flying car mode, flight stand, Raoul Mini-Figure and Blaster mini-boombox! Preorder yours today! SHOP NOW

New Bandai Tamashii Nations Super Mario Figures are in!

Add Mario, Luigi, and many of the popular Super Mario favorite baddies to the lineup with S.H. figuarts dioramas - instock now! SHOP NOW

S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon Figures!!

theToySource has got your Sailor Moon! Both preorders and instock - Available now! Grab these great S.H. figuarts pieces today while supplies last! Shop Now

Now up for Preorder - MP-21G G2 Bumblebee!

This Bumblebee reissue features a G2 color scheme, alternate face masks, and includes for the first time a jetpack! Preorder yours at TheToySource today! SHOP NOW

Now up for preorder MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime - Reissue

This is a reissue of the Japanese MP-10 figure and features, spike, roller and a trailer/repair bay! Preorder yours for $189.99 and FREE US shipping! SHOP NOW

Make Toys City Bot Utopia now instock!

The first full City Bot in the series stands an impressive 42CM tall and 55CM long in colonization ship mode! Now instock - order yours at theToySource today! SHOP NOW

Make Toys Quantron Instock!

This highly anticipated set by Make Toys is now instock! Quantron stands 28CM/11" tall in combined mode and features five-members that can change into a Sci-Fi style vehicles. SHOP NOW

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Metal Build - Gundam Exia Repair Metal Build - Gundam Exia Repair $149.95  $139.99 (7 %)